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BBC micro:bit—A Groundbreaking Project Putting Bluetooth Technology in the Hands of Next Generation of IoT Developers

micro:bit back

Today marks another big milestone for Bluetooth® Smart technology. Not only is it already established as a defining technology for the Internet of Things but also something just as big – a hugely prolific influence to the next generation of … Continue reading

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Smartphone Thumb Controls Use Bluetooth Technology to Aid the Visually Impaired (and Distracted Drivers)


It’s not often we see a product targeted to two such diverse audiences as the visually impaired and distracted drivers. But the Ray GO Bluetooth remote device offers interesting advantages to both, with hand- and eye-free smartphone control. The Ray … Continue reading

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Get Your Hipster On with Bluetooth Beanie

Bluetooth Beanie

You may have the vintage clothing, retro glasses (with or without lenses), and a local-sustainable-organic-vegan-gluten-free muffin—but you’re no hipster without the beanie. And what good is a beanie if it interferes with your ability to listen to Radiohead as you … Continue reading

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Signs, Signs Everywhere are Bluetooth Smart Signs


It’s a note, electronic display, and beacon, all rolled into one. Introducing the eNote™ wireless display. It’s a lot like an electronic Post-it® note that displays whatever information you want. It connects to any mobile or stationary gateway device using … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Technology May Aid Medical Workers in Ebola Zones


Last year’s Ebola outbreak left an unprecedented number of healthcare workers infected. According to the World Health Organization, the virus killed nearly 500 medical professionals in West Africa. Add to that the first-ever Ebola diagnosis and death in the U.S., … Continue reading

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Skin Deep: Bluetooth Technology Turns Your Arm into a Smartphone Display


Wearable technology is full of clever products, with more head-shakingly-cool devices appearing every day. Yet once in a while a product shows us just how close we really are to living in a sci-fi world. Introducing the Cicret bracelet—which features … Continue reading

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Get Your Beac On – Part 3

Figure 1 - Declaring Buffers

Introduction In part one and part two, I described some of the key issues for developers of beacon applications, introduced the AltBeacon advertising format and reviewed a prototype Android museum guide application using the AltBeacon Android API. In this third … Continue reading

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The New Braille? Bluetooth Technology Promises Independence for the Visually Impaired


These days, it’s easy to get so accustomed to technology that we wonder what we did before it was invented. Many of us feel this way about turn-by-turn navigation systems—did we actually rely on paper maps? If Microsoft has its … Continue reading

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Get Your Beac On – Part 2

Bluetooth Application Screen Shots

Introduction In part one, I reviewed some “developer beacon basics and introduced AltBeacon and its Bluetooth advertising format. In part two, I’ll review a prototype application I wrote using the AltBeacon Android API. The Museum Guide Application I find the … Continue reading