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Get Your Groove On with Bluetooth Smart Technology


Musicians, DJs, and producers have a love affair with sound effects pedals. But over time, many classic and vintage effects pedals have become hard to find—and harder to afford, even if they could be tracked down on eBay. But Hotone … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Baby Tech is Helping Parents Get Smarter

Pacifi and Baby

With CES and MWC this year being dominated by smartwatch launches, it’s quite easy to only read the headlines and miss the smaller trends. One area in particular that has recently gone from taking its first steps to huge leaps … Continue reading

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Bluetooth SIG Response to Globalstar Comments on FCC Technical Demonstrations


Many of you may know that radio spectrum is a valuable commodity and that globally there are clear rules (and often licenses that cost money) in order to use particular frequencies and bands. The radio frequencies in each country are … Continue reading

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Apple Makes Big Bet on Bluetooth Technology

Apple and Bluetooth

Phil Schiller: “This is the vision of the future of the notebook: one of extreme portability. Everything is wireless.” From its keynote yesterday, Apple introduced the new MacBook, shared more details on Apple Watch, and discussed a new platform, ResearchKit. … Continue reading

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Top Five Learnings from the Success in the Smart Home Webinar

Smart Home Webinar

Missed our recent smart home webinar with IHS Technology and Seed Labs designed to give you the advice that will help you succeed in the competitive smart home market? There’s no need to worry – you can listen again here and if you’re short of time … Continue reading

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iCradle GmbH Named Overall Winner of Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards


The SIG and media partner CNET announced the overall winner and the category winners of the annual Bluetooth® Breakthrough Awards. Over the last few years, the breakthrough awards have helped bring attention to some of the best Bluetooth enabled products, applications, … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Enabled Glasses Marry Function with Fashion


Santiago Ambit is passionate about technology and holds several patents. He’s won over eleven prizes for some of his ideas and products including plants that send out tweets when they need watered, shoes for the blind or digital signage that … Continue reading

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Helping CAPD Students with Bluetooth Technology

Jody Vankeuren

Every day occupational therapists work with students who struggle in school. However, the classroom environment can be overwhelming for many. “My mom’s an occupational therapist and I’ve assisted her in the classroom over the years. Mom and I discussed how … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Smart Makes Buying Clothes a Pleasant Experience

Sarah White

Like many women, Sarah White, 27, has trouble when shopping for clothes. She is tall and hovers around a size 10/12—right on the border of plus sized. Sarah wanted a bridge between the online- and offline-shopping experience that is more … Continue reading