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The Best of Both Worlds with Custom Profiles for Bluetooth® Smart Technology

Adopted Profiles

What is a Profile? A “profile” is a formal specification that defines two or more devices and how they can work together. The term is used for both Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Classic devices. This article focuses on profiles for … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Smart Technology is Your New Watchdog

Kevin McCallister

The holidays are upon us and that means campy holiday movies – in particular, Home Alone. Twenty-five years ago, Home Alone made it abundantly clear that home security needed a complete overhaul (and the McCallister’sneeded parenting classes). Just imagine the … Continue reading

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Q&A with Joachim Horn, Founder and CEO at SAM Labs

Modules All 2

London-based startup, SAM Labs, secured over £125,000 via Kickstarter to create what people are dubbing the first “democratic” Internet of Things (IoT) development kit for students, hobbyists, and inventors. Founder Joachim Horn started the company in order to “find a … Continue reading

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Get Even Smarter with the Bluetooth® Smart Starter Kit v2

Bluetooth Smart Starter Kit v2.0 with BlackBerry 10 Application

If you are just getting started with Bluetooth technology or need a refresher, the Bluetooth Smart Starter Kit may be just what you need. The Smart Starter Kit is a learning resource for developers just getting started with Bluetooth Smart … Continue reading

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Want a Smart Life? Go Beyond the Smart Home

home of the future from

The connected home is the oft talked about mythical beast of the Internet of Things (IoT). There seem to be an unlimited number of standards, companies, and Kickstarter projects promising to deliver the home automation experience we have been begging … Continue reading

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Range Limitation? What Range Limitation? Introducing Mesh Networks

Mesh Network

All wireless networking technologies have a limited range. That’s just the way the physics work. But there are a growing number of scenarios where devices, spread across a large area, need to be able to communicate with each other using … Continue reading

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bluetooth—Beacons Update


Aislelabs recently published a very thorough review of beacons currently on the market. We know it’s really the technical details that get our developers interested in these use cases. Power Consumption Like most things, beacons require a power source but … Continue reading

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An Introduction to the Bluetooth® Platform Capability Quick Reference Guide

Capability Graph

There’s never been a better time to be or become a Bluetooth Smart developer. Bluetooth is currently experiencing an unprecedented level of adoption, with IHS Technology estimating 2.4 billion Bluetooth devices shipping in 2013 alone. This figure will increase to … Continue reading

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Q&A with Szymon Janiak, CMO at oort

oort Smart Home

Last month, Bluetooth® innovators from all over the world attended the annual Bluetooth SIG media event in New York to show off their latest Bluetooth Smart devices and solutions. One of the exhibitors was Internet of Things experts, oort. The … Continue reading