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Don’t Panic: Just Use Your Bluetooth Emergency Button

React Sidekick

The idea of a panic button has changed over the years, and we’re not complaining. While stereotypically reserved for certain population segments—the elderly, for example, or women confronted with danger in a city—now emergency buttons make good sense for many … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Developer Studio and the Innovation Series – Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Bluetooth Developer Studio

As we move into spring, our training efforts at the Bluetooth SIG are gearing up. For my team, this means developer training and, for you, that means the Bluetooth Innovation Series. This year, not only did we double the worldwide … Continue reading

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Updated: Bluetooth Technology Opens the Door for Hotel Travelers


Raise your hand if you’ve ever done the hotel key shuffle. You stroll confidently up to your room, and the fumbling begins … you know you left your key somewhere, is it in your pocket? Which pocket? Wallet? You swear … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Technology in Bionic Leg Brace Gives Mobility Patients Their Stride Back

Bluetooth Bionic Leg

After contracting polio as a child, John Simpson lost the use of his left leg, but that didn’t stop him from becoming an avid golfer. “It’s the only game you can play with able-bodied people on a level playing field,” … Continue reading

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Window Shopping 2.0: Bluetooth Beacons Hit London’s Regent Street

Regent Street App

Whether you were born to shop, or you consider it a necessary evil, we could all use an extra eye when it comes to shopping—a personal shopper, if you will. Someone who knows your interests, style, and can steer you … Continue reading

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Get Bluetooth Technology Everywhere You Want It

Nyrius Logo

Most of us don’t go anywhere without our favorite wireless device. And with super power-efficient Bluetooth® Smart technology in nearly every phone and tablet, we’re used to having instant control of all our Bluetooth enabled devices—music, game consoles, security systems, … Continue reading

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Make Your Home Smarter with Bluetooth Technology


Innovative product offerings from our members often amaze us here at the Bluetooth SIG. These companies are pushing the boundaries of Bluetooth® technology to create groundbreaking products every day. It is truly inspiring. But one space is really starting to … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Technology – Protecting Your Privacy


People are increasingly aware of, and concerned about, security—in particular, their privacy in both the physical and the digital world. The term “privacy” alludes to various types of issues, depending upon the context. One privacy issue concerns the possibility of … Continue reading