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Posted on December 07, 2017 by Jason Marcel

In our recent webinar: What Makes Bluetooth Mesh So Disruptive?, Bluetooth SIG Mesh Working Group Chair Szymon Slupik from Silvair, Inc. provided a unique look into the development of the Bluetooth mesh specifications. In this webinar, Slupik also explained why the creation of this Bluetooth® standard will lead to massive disruption in building automation, wireless sensor networks, asset tracking, and more.

The webinar prompted more than 100 great questions from our live audience and, since we didn’t have time to answer them all, we wanted to ensure you have access to the resources you need to answer any questions you have about Bluetooth mesh.

Our customers…need long range, tight security, and reliable communication with a large number of devices…Bluetooth mesh allows us to solve even more complex range and limit problems.
Dr. Juergen Kienhoefer, CEO, Wireless Cables Inc.

A Deeper Look at Bluetooth Mesh

The Bluetooth Mesh Networking Series, a collection of technical articles written by the Bluetooth developer relations team, helps you understand how Bluetooth mesh works at a deeper level.

  • An Intro to Mesh is a two-part article that provides a comprehensive overview of Bluetooth mesh networking technology, outlining how messaging works across a Bluetooth mesh network, including important concepts like publishing, subscribing, relaying, managed flooding, and security.
  • The Fundamental Concepts of Bluetooth Mesh Networking is a two-part article that explains the concepts and terminology fundamental to understanding a Bluetooth mesh network, including how nodes and elements interact, differences between models and states, and the different types of addresses and messages.
  • Friendship takes a deep look at the Bluetooth mesh friendship feature, detailing how friend nodes work in concert with low-power nodes (LPN) to optimize Bluetooth mesh network messaging, save power, and create a more efficient network.
  • Management of Devices in a Bluetooth Mesh Network details the steps and processes behind adding and removing devices on a Bluetooth mesh network, including provisioning, authenticating, blacklisting and security key refreshes.   
  • Bluetooth Mesh Security Overview provides an in-depth look at the mandatory security features inherent in every Bluetooth mesh network, from encryption and authentication to message obfuscation to attack protection.
  • Provisioning a Bluetooth Mesh Network is a two-part article that provides a comprehensive overview of the provisioning process, from the provisioning protocol to security to the network distribution of provisioned data.
Bluetooth mesh networking is the most robust and powerful low-power radio technology for connected lighting in commercial spaces, and it is the change the lighting industry has been waiting for.
Rafal Han, CEO, Silvair

The Next Evolution of the IoT

The release of the Bluetooth mesh specifications has changed the way developers use Bluetooth technology in commercial and industrial, paving the way for an evolution in IoT solutions. For more on Bluetooth mesh, check out these additional resources, including papers, articles, and an Ericsson performance study on Bluetooth mesh.


What Makes Bluetooth Mesh so Disruptive?

The behind-the-scenes story of the making of Bluetooth mesh

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover how Bluetooth mesh is disrupting building automation, wireless sensor networks, asset tracking, and more.

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