Run the Extra Mile with Bluetooth Technology


For some, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of flopping on the couch after a long, stressful day at work. For others, there is nothing better than slipping on your comfortable running shoes and heading out for a run. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, a little bit of technology can help get you motivated or keep regular exercise from getting routine. With that in mind, here are some Bluetooth enabled fitness products to help get you started, beat the excuses and keep you motivated.“I’m not... Continue Reading

Father's Day Bluetooth Technology Gift Guide


Father’s Day is only a week away and if you don’t want to get dad socks and ties again this year, you need to get started now. Here is a list of some of the coolest Bluetooth enabled gifts for every kind of dad.Dad is a motor head: Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi—plug this into a vehicle’s OBD-II (diagnostic) slot to keep an eye out for potential issues, track it on a map, get driving feedback or operate it from a distance using Bluetooth technology. Dad can unlock and start his car from the living... Continue Reading

In Honor of World Asthma Day...Asthmapolis


Companies use Bluetooth technology for a ton of different applications and devices. Products are often fun or handy, but occasionally a Bluetooth product comes along with the potential to change people’s lives. Today, in honor of World Asthma Day, I want to tell you about Asthmapolis. Asthampolis promises to improve the quality of life for asthma patients by providing better patient and doctor disease management while reducing costs.Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease. According to the World... Continue Reading

Safe & Sound at Work with Bluetooth Technology


Happy World Day for Safety and Health at Work. There are many different occupations out there but no matter what job you do, safety and health in the workplace are extremely important. Technological innovations play an important part to improving safety and well being at work.Bluetooth technology is one of the innovations improving workplace safety. Bluetooth technology reduces the amount of wires in the office—you don’t know how dangerous this can be until you trip over one—and allows you to take... Continue Reading

Spring Home Automation with Bluetooth Technology


Spring is in the air and traditionally, this is where the “honey-do” list gets a lot longer. Not only is this a time to clean the corners and fix things long overdue, but you can also make some pretty nifty technological modifications while you are at it.Tech gurus predicted the coming of “smart homes” for decades. All these predictions were based on a wireless technology allowing devices to connect with one another and control other devices. That’s exactly what Bluetooth Smart does.If you kept... Continue Reading

Train Harder and Smarter: 15 Bluetooth Sports Products


It is the 15th anniversary of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and when the name "Bluetooth" was adopted. A lot can happen in fifteen years including Bluetooth going from an innovative rarity to a pervasive wireless technology we all know and use every day.One of the areas we’ve seen Bluetooth technology become the standard is sports and fitness. In the last 15 years, our member companies introduced a myriad of devices to help us train harder and smarter. In honor of our anniversary, here’s... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology Keeps the Doctor Away


“As long as you have your health...” If you’ve ever been seriously ill, you know how true these words can be. Good health is a priority over everything else in your life. Good hygiene, nutrition and exercise are the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. But even doing each of these regularly can’t guarantee you’ll stay healthy. So how can a commonplace technology help you be smarter about managing your health and wellness?Bluetooth Smart Technology is helping to drive the “consumerisation” of healthcare. Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology Chases Away the Blues


In honour of International Happiness Day, we present the story of Harald. A man who’s life is happier and easier because of Bluetooth technology.In the morning, Harald wakes up to his favourite song, streaming pleasantly from his smartphone to his Bluetooth enabled alarm clock. He notices it is below freezing outside so he hits the Viper SmartStart Bluetooth application to remotely start his car. It will be nice and warm when he’s ready to go.After breakfast, Harald steps out the door, anxious to... Continue Reading

Mobile World Congress 2013 Wrap-up: Three Major Trends in Bluetooth Technology


If you are following us on Twitter or Facebook (if you aren’t, you should be), you may have noticed we were in Barcelona last week for Mobile World Congress 2013. We were there to announce the Bluetooth Breakthrough Award winners at MobileFocus Global and to see the latest trends at the show.Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest exhibition of mobile technology and Bluetooth technology plays a huge part at this event. Developers continue to find new ways to integrate Bluetooth technology into... Continue Reading

The Bluetooth SIG Hits EMEA for Whirlwind Tour


19 February in Munich—over 40 member companies displayed the latest Bluetooth productsImagine visiting three of Europe’s largest and most interesting cities in only three days. Sounds like fun right? Now imagine the exact same thing but with an exhibition of the newest Bluetooth technology enabled products—an even better experience.That’s what happened from 19-21 February. The Bluetooth SIG hosted a series of media events in Munich, Copenhagen and London. During these events, Bluetooth SIG members... Continue Reading