Bluetooth Technology Applications In New And Interesting Sectors

Posted on June 21, 2010 by Mike Foley

Goji Smart Lock for security
Goji Smart Lock

Using Bluetooth technology in locks for security is an application that has been around for a while, but it seems to be on the rise in new and interesting sectors. In Scandinavia, Bluetooth technology has become a popular way to increase security and convenience in the home health care sector. By using Bluetooth enabled locks, the caregiver can simply enter their passcode on their phone when making a home visit to a patient. The code is transmitted wirelessly to the lock via Bluetooth technology, which keeps track of who passes through the door. This tracking, along with a system, enables codes to be changed at any time. This enables increased security for the patient and caretaker, no more lost or forgotten keys to worry about and much less fuel burned by caregivers driving to pick-up and leave keys at a central location between visits.

The scenario could, of course, be applied to many sectors where there are a lot of keys needed on a daily basis such as real estate, cleaning and other services that would benefit from the increased security and simplicity provided by Bluetooth enabled locks.

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