Bluetooth Technology Helping Type 1 Diabetics Control Insulin Levels

Posted on February 02, 2015 by Nanci Taplett

Olivia SillerGrowing up in a single-parent household with four siblings provided its own rewards and challenges. When Olivia Siller’s, 18, older sister, Katie, was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, the family’s entire life changed. Doctors placed Katie on an insulin pump and began a life of constantly pulling out the pump to control her insulin intake and check blood sugar levels. Olivia hopes her device would bring simplicity to diabetes. The app or product would alert specified people when glucose levels were dangerously low or high.

“When my sister was away at college, it killed my mom to not know if Katie was alright or if she was sick that she couldn’t get to her right away. I created the idea of an app and smartphone using Bluetooth® technology to connect to a diabetic pump so people with diabetes could be discreet—people like Katie could control their insulin pump straight from their phone.” This is why her idea is a finalist for the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards.

Olivia is a communications major with a minor in world peace studies. She sees herself as heading up her own non-profit foundation. Olivia also sees herself as hosting her own talk show.

“I’m inspired by the way people with talk shows can send a message and help millions of people by broadcasting something to the world. I intend on spreading a message of positivity.”

Olivia’s next steps would be getting the product patented. Then she would like to partner with a medical company to get the product off the ground.

“I think this product could be a good money maker for a company but also something that can truly help millions of people. The idea of a Bluetooth connected diabetic insulin pump has such a widespread market considering the amount of people in the world with diabetes, and I truly think it could take off in the world of technology!”

Other things to know about Olivia:

She loves her phone—“I am constantly on my phone! I love messing around with all of the things my computer and phone can do. I think that all of the technological advances that the world has taken have solved so many things from math problems to medical issues.”

Her favorite subjects in school are anatomy and English—“I love learning about the human body. Even more so I am totally in love with literature. I think words are a beautiful form of self-expression.”

She was president of the student body in high school and spent time volunteering in the community.

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