Bluetooth Toilet Paper Holder Enhances Your Experience

Bluetooth Toilet Paper Holder Enhances Your ExperienceI love the wild and wonderful world of Bluetooth® technology. I’ve seen Bluetooth technology put into everything from socks to toothbrushes. How about a Bluetooth toilet paper holder? That’s right, I said toilet paper holder. What’s cool about this, like the Bluetooth shower head, is it is specifically made to be in the bathroom unlike your portable Bluetooth speakers. You don’t have to worry about humidity/moisture or germs because this is meant to be in the bathroom. The iCarta wirelessly streams music from up to 10 feet away so you can leave your device in the other room while in the shower or whatever it is people do in the bathroom or you can dock the device. iCarta has LED indicators for power and pairing and volume and provides about 20 hours of playtime.

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