Get Your Hipster On With Bluetooth Beanie

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Nanci Taplett

You may have the vintage clothing, retro glasses (with or without lenses), and a local-sustainable-organic-vegan-gluten-free muffin—but you’re no hipster without the beanie. And what good is a beanie if it interferes with your ability to listen to Radiohead as you ride your fixie to the local co-op for a fair-trade coffee?

Chillax. TRNDlabs has you covered.

Bluetooth BeanieNow you can keep your fashionably messy-haired head warm with a stylish new Bluetooth® Beanie that lets you listen to music or take calls almost hands-free. The beanie syncs with any Bluetooth compatible phone or device—not a problem, since according to IMS Research almost all of the nearly 700 million smartphones shipped in 2015 will incorporate Bluetooth technology. Then you simply use the tiny controls in the beanie’s seam to control music and volume and accept phone calls using the built-in microphone and speakers without impacting your style.

The beanie is designed for hours of continuous use with Bluetooth Smart technology that won’t drain your smartphone or your beanie battery. And if you happen to wander from your phone as you peruse the vinyl record display in your favorite underground music shop, no problem. This Bluetooth device transmits up to 10 meters, so you won’t miss a beat.

You can read more about the Bluetooth Beanie at The Huffington Post (of course) or get your own from TRNDlabs. And if you need more hipster tips, check out wikiHow’s “How to Be a Hipster.”


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