H3 System Working to Save Lives with Bluetooth Technology

H3 System  is in the business of saving lives. Its motto, “Human, Health and Home”, permeates the culture and its products. H3 System makes tele-healthcare products—preventative healthcare solutions using IT technology—that communicate with each other using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

According to the National Health Council, chronic disease affects approximately 133 million Americans or 45 percent of the total population of the United States. For these patients, disease management is crucial to keeping them healthy and out of the hospital. Tele-healthcare plays a vital role in monitoring patient health and H3 System is using Bluetooth technology to make it all possible.

“Bluetooth technology is extremely popular. Most medical devices with wireless communication on the market are using Bluetooth. This makes it easier to connect and communicate with all the Bluetooth enabled phones and devices.” – Min-Joon Kim, CEO, H3 System Co., Ltd.

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