Protect Your Computer With Bluetooth Technology

Posted on May 22, 2014 by Nanci Taplett

Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH, a German company and creative mind behind blukii and App 2.0, recently showed off its new NoteBook Protector ( The blukii NoteBook Protector is an alarm system for your laptop. Instead of hitting WIN + L when you walk away, you simply walk away and the laptop automatically locks. Now if someone tries to access it, not only does an alarm sound but you also get a text message and an email with a photo of the culprit. When you come back into proximity, the laptop is unlocked—without entering a complicated password—and ready to go.

In Windows, you can also configure the NoteBook Protector to connect with Skype so if you leave your laptop, your Skype user status is set to “Away” and it automatically switches to the previous one when you come back. The NoteBook Protector uses Bluetooth® Smart technology as a medium for hands-free control, access and activation. All the user needs to do is carry the Bluetooth Smart module to be able to access the computer. There are two versions; one for Windows 7 and OS X.

Watch this cool video:

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