Safe Sound At Work With Bluetooth Technology

Posted on April 28, 2013 by Jeroen Gaudissabois

Happy World Day for Safety and Health at Work. There are many different occupations out there but no matter what job you do, safety and health in the workplace are extremely important. Technological innovations play an important part to improving safety and well being at work.

Bluetooth® technology is one of the innovations improving workplace safety. Bluetooth technology reduces the amount of wires in the office—you don’t know how dangerous this can be until you trip over one—and allows you to take hands-free calls anywhere. Besides removing wires, there are a wide range of Bluetooth enabled products designed with safety and health at work in mind.

"Sit up straight, slacker!"

80 percent of people face lower back pain at some point in their lives. In many cases, this pain can be traced to the lack of maintaining good posture while sitting at work. The necessity of maintaining good posture at all times should not be underestimated.  One of the Breakthrough awards finalists, LUMOback, is an easy-to-wear sensor that and vibrates as soon as you start to slouch—it forces you to correct your position. It can save a lot of trouble in later life.

Nio: never lose your iOS devices

Bluetooth is actively being used to increase safety at work—your personal safety and the safety of your devices. Take nio for instance. Using Bluetooth Smart, nio creates a "wireless chain" used to protect a wide range of items from laptops and briefcases to data sticks and car keys—as well as tablets and smartphones. If the wireless chain breaks, your smartphone and nio tag both sound an alarm.

If you want to go out for lunch, but don’t feel like taking your notebook, the Blukii notebook protector may be what you need. When you leave your office, the Blukii chip in your pocket will use Bluetooth Smart to send a signal to your notebook. Your notebook is now under alarm until the Blukii chip is within its range again. If anyone touches the computer before then, the PC locks down, takes a webcam picture of the culprit and mails it to your smartphone.


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