Bloodhound Race for the Line and Bluetooth

1000mph in a car No, that’s not a typo. One thousand miles per hour (mph). In a car. Gulp! Bloodhound SSC is a British, supersonic land vehicle being built for the purpose of achieving a new land speed world record. The current world record is held by Wing Commander Andy Green, a British Royal Air Force pilot, who achieved a speed of 760 mph in 1997. The goal of the Bloodhound SSC project is to achieve or exceed 1000 mph. As you’d imagine, a project like this, will encounter and need to solve, all... Continue Reading

Hybrid Mobile Applications Part 2

Introduction In Part 1, I explored some of the practical challenges which mobile application developers face, when they want their application to be available on multiple platforms. I contrasted the building of platform-specific, native applications with cross-platform web applications which execute within a web browser. I went on to introduce the “hybrid mobile application”, which would appear to offer the best of both worlds, allowing the developer to create one set of application source code... Continue Reading

Hybrid Mobile Applications and Bluetooth Technology – Part 1

Introduction A mobile developer’s job is not an easy one. Ensuring their killer application is available to as many people on the planet as possible may mean developing four, five or possibly more versions of the application to enable it to run on the full variety of mobile platforms. Android and iOS dominate the market, but don’t forget about Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 and Tizen. In some sectors and geographies, platforms with a smaller global market share have a disproportionately larger significance. Continue Reading

Woolley's Wearables - Android & Bluetooth Part 2


Introduction Wearable technology is taking off and taking various forms, from watches to activity trackers to smart wigs (no, I didn’t just make that last one up!) And Bluetooth Smart is right at the centre of the action. This is the second part of a series of articles on the Android Wear operating system and an exploration of the way developers can exploit it to deliver application experiences right to the user’s wrist (or ear or head or neck etc!). Part 1 looked at the use of standard and extended... Continue Reading

Vote for SXSW Panels – IoT, Beacons, and Security


Now is the time to weigh in on what you want to see at SXSW 2016 by voting for the panels you want featured at next year’s interactive conference. The Bluetooth SIG has three sessions on the hot topics of IoT, beacon technology, and security with insights from industry leaders like IHS Technology, Fortune, Under Armour, Mutual Mobile, Encap Security, and CSID. Voting ends September 4th so be sure to vote for your favorite sessions today!The Smart Security vs. Functionality TradeoffWith more smart... Continue Reading

Get Your Beac On – Part 3


IntroductionIn part one and part two, I described some of the key issues for developers of beacon applications, introduced the AltBeacon advertising format and reviewed a prototype Android museum guide application using the AltBeacon Android API. In this third part, I’ll describe how I tested the museum guide application.Roll Your Own BeaconI don’t have any ready-made beacons which use the AltBeacon format in my collection of Bluetooth development equipment (although continue to watch the tools... Continue Reading

Don’t Panic: Just Use Your Bluetooth Emergency Button


The idea of a panic button has changed over the years, and we’re not complaining. While stereotypically reserved for certain population segments—the elderly, for example, or women confronted with danger in a city—now emergency buttons make good sense for many of us. Whether you’re hiking, running, or biking alone; going on a blind date; exploring a new city solo; or experiencing a college campus for the first time, the ability to alert friends or authorities if you need help can be hugely comforting.Bluetooth... Continue Reading

From Cows to Sheep—Bluetooth Changes the Way Farmers Interact with Animals


FarmWizard, out of the UK, developed a cool system that uses a smartphone and a Bluetooth technology stick reader for entire flock management. The Bluetooth stick reader scans the sheep’s electronic tag and can record sales, deaths, treatments and stock taking—farmers can even retrieve historical information. The electronic tags makes it easier to track down, identify, and treat the sheep.“All parts of the solution are ideally suited for farming, the phone is rugged, the FarmWizard app is easy to... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology Flying into the Wild Blue Yonder


Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season...a paper airplane powered by Bluetooth. We first saw this cool product at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show where the company, PowerUp Toys, showed off their paper airplane conversion kit. The kit takes a paper airplane you make and turns it into a flying machine controlled by your smartphone.Just fold your plane according to the template, attach the power module and pair it via Bluetooth to your phone. The battery lasts about 10 minutes and goes... Continue Reading