Cassia Networks on IoT Podcast

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Stacey Higginbotham highlighted Cassia Networks, a Bluetooth SIG member company on IoT Podcast. Cassia Networks is dedicated to providing customers with the freedom to connect and control Bluetooth devices throughout the smart home, enterprise, and beyond. Stacey spoke with Van Krueger, VP of U.S. Operations at Cassia Networks, about why Cassia chose to use Bluetooth technology in its products and why interoperability and collaboration are key to achieving this mission. Bluetooth enables the Cassia... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Supports Rapid IoT Growth in China

With $14.4 trillion projected industry growth over the next decade and $1.7 trillion in the next five years there’s a lot of money to be made in the IoT! ABI Research also predicts there will be 14 billion Bluetooth devices by 2020 and China is helping it get there. With nearly all phones and tablets containing Bluetooth, consumers and enterprises have a ready user interface to the IoT. China Poised for Growth In the rapidly growing Chinese market, the IoT is poised to explode. I recently traveled... Continue Reading

Knock, Knock…Who’s There? Your Key to a Safer Property

Ever been in a situation where a family member or your roommate calls in a panic because they forgot a house key and the only solution is to leave a key under the mat?We’re sure this or something similar has happened to all of us. This is definitely risky as it can potentially lead to an intruder entering the house and stealing your stuff. Swissprime Makes a Smart Home Safer So what’s the solution? Swissprime Technologies, one of the companies at our Discover Blue: London event, demoed an interesting... Continue Reading

Pioneering Commercial Smart Lighting at Discover Blue

Pioneering Commercial Smart Lighting at Discover Blue

Advanced lighting control strategies in commercial buildings is still a burgeoning development. As important as lighting controls are for energy savings, most facilities have not been integrated with a control system.Silvair's Lighting SolutionSilvair, a Discover Blue: London attendee, is looking to change that. The company believes that technological innovation plays a major role in transforming energy use in commercial spaces. Silvair created an end-to-end smart platform based on Bluetooth technology. Continue Reading

Turning the World Blue: 2017 Conference Dates Announced


Bluetooth technology is transforming how we interact with technology and the world at large. Creators, developers, and designers are using Bluetooth to turn their dreams - and the dreams of consumers, as well as commercial and industrial enterprises - into a reality. We’re excited to announce that these innovators will come together 28-29 March 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center for Bluetooth World 2017 to turn the world blue.New Features of Bluetooth WorldWe’re switching things up a bit... Continue Reading

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It’s been almost 20 years since the advent of Bluetooth technology and since then it has transformed the way we live, work and play. From its roots in audio and consumer electronics, Bluetooth has grown into something much bigger. Yes, Bluetooth started the wearables revolution by making it easy to connect your smart phone to a fitness tracker or smart watch. Yes, Bluetooth brought the smart home of the future that much closer to reality today. And yes, Bluetooth is changing the way we experience... Continue Reading

Q&A with Szymon Janiak, CMO at oort


Last month, Bluetooth innovators from all over the world attended the annual Bluetooth SIG media event in New York to show off their latest Bluetooth Smart devices and solutions. One of the exhibitors was Internet of Things experts, oort. The team demonstrated the company’s patent-pending solution based on BluetoothSmart technology and their first hub device used to control all the smart devices in a home through a single application. We caught up with the company’s CMO, Szymon Janiak, to find out... Continue Reading

Q&A with Ulrich Ditschler, CEO & Founder at TobyRich

Q&A with Ulrich Ditschler, CEO & Founder at TobyRich

We recently covered a couple of cool start-ups experimenting with smartphone-controlled toy planes which fly with Bluetooth Smart technology. The ‘smart toy’ market is quickly gaining traction, so we decided to catch up with Ulrich Ditschler from German start-up TobyRich to find out how Bluetooth Smart is injecting more fun into the Internet of Things!Currently, when the Internet of Things is discussed, a lot of talk is dedicated to smart watches, thermostats, sensors and other home devices. Where... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology Saves Your Skin


Netatmo introduced June this week at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. June is a wearable device that monitors sun exposure. The device’s accompanying application walks you through a series of questions that create a “dermal” profile to gauge your UV resistance. Then all you do is wear the device every day for the sensor to monitor your UVA and UVB exposure. After the data is collected, it’s sent via Bluetooth Smart technology to the app where June makes suggestions on what to wear, the level... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology Putting the Pressure On


I love to cook and have been wishing for a Bluetooth Smart crock-pot for the last couple of years. I think I’ve changed my mind with the introduction of the Instant Pot (iPot) from Ace Sensor and Double Insight. The iPot makes all kinds of food in a variety of preparation methods. Using Bluetooth technology and your smartphone, you can control the temperature, pause the cooking, hold the temperature, delay the cooking time, etc.Read the CNET article Continue Reading