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Q&A with Richard Day, CEO at SmartStuff

Richard Day

As wireless technology in the home becomes more prevalent, more manufacturers are realizing that Bluetooth® technology is the right wireless specification for the job, whether that job is home entertainment or using temperature and humidity sensors to control a home’s … Continue reading

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Get Your Hipster On with Bluetooth Beanie

Bluetooth Beanie

You may have the vintage clothing, retro glasses (with or without lenses), and a local-sustainable-organic-vegan-gluten-free muffin—but you’re no hipster without the beanie. And what good is a beanie if it interferes with your ability to listen to Radiohead as you … Continue reading

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Skin Deep: Bluetooth Technology Turns Your Arm into a Smartphone Display


Wearable technology is full of clever products, with more head-shakingly-cool devices appearing every day. Yet once in a while a product shows us just how close we really are to living in a sci-fi world. Introducing the Cicret bracelet—which features … Continue reading

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The New Braille? Bluetooth Technology Promises Independence for the Visually Impaired


These days, it’s easy to get so accustomed to technology that we wonder what we did before it was invented. Many of us feel this way about turn-by-turn navigation systems—did we actually rely on paper maps? If Microsoft has its … Continue reading

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Updated: Bluetooth Technology Opens the Door for Hotel Travelers


Raise your hand if you’ve ever done the hotel key shuffle. You stroll confidently up to your room, and the fumbling begins … you know you left your key somewhere, is it in your pocket? Which pocket? Wallet? You swear … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Technology in Bionic Leg Brace Gives Mobility Patients Their Stride Back

Bluetooth Bionic Leg

After contracting polio as a child, John Simpson lost the use of his left leg, but that didn’t stop him from becoming an avid golfer. “It’s the only game you can play with able-bodied people on a level playing field,” … Continue reading

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Get Bluetooth Technology Everywhere You Want It

Nyrius Logo

Most of us don’t go anywhere without our favorite wireless device. And with super power-efficient Bluetooth® Smart technology in nearly every phone and tablet, we’re used to having instant control of all our Bluetooth enabled devices—music, game consoles, security systems, … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Baby Tech is Helping Parents Get Smarter

Pacifi and Baby

With CES and MWC this year being dominated by smartwatch launches, it’s quite easy to only read the headlines and miss the smaller trends. One area in particular that has recently gone from taking its first steps to huge leaps … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Enabled Glasses Marry Function with Fashion


Santiago Ambit is passionate about technology and holds several patents. He’s won over eleven prizes for some of his ideas and products including plants that send out tweets when they need watered, shoes for the blind or digital signage that … Continue reading

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Helping CAPD Students with Bluetooth Technology

Jody Vankeuren

Every day occupational therapists work with students who struggle in school. However, the classroom environment can be overwhelming for many. “My mom’s an occupational therapist and I’ve assisted her in the classroom over the years. Mom and I discussed how … Continue reading