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Smart Cane with Bluetooth Communication Helps Blind Users Recognize Family and Friends


The addition of facial recognition, GPS, and Bluetooth® Smart technologies to the traditional white cane may make a big difference in the lives of the seeing-impaired. Students at Birmingham City University have developed the XploR model of smart mobility cane … Continue reading

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Motorcyclists Hit the Open Road with Bluetooth Handlebar Remote


Outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe have embraced innovative hands-free Bluetooth® technology that lets them pursue their activities and still have access to music, GPS, and communications. For motorcyclists, Bluetooth has changed the riding experience for good, and Sena is at … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Burned: Bluetooth Keeps Sunbathers Safe

Bluetooth Swimsuit

It happens to the best of us. To prepare for a beach day, you apply sunscreen like a champ, but at the end of the day you still find yourself a little on the pink side. Sound familiar? No worries. … Continue reading

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Your Bus Is Here: Bluetooth Beacons Help Visually Impaired Navigate Public Transport


We love hearing about cutting-edge applications of Bluetooth® technology that makes all of our lives easier. But we’re especially excited when we see Bluetooth used to help people who have special needs. That’s the case with a new public transport … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Pill a Day Keeps the Doctor Away—and Bluetooth Can Help


For many people, daily medication is a critical part of maintaining their quality of life. But life can also get in the way. People get busy, they forget to take their pills… and then they don’t feel so great. But … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up on this Bluetooth Thumbnail Trackpad

Screen Shot 09-14-15 at 11.07 AM

We love keeping tabs on the innovative ways that Bluetooth® technology is blending with sportswear and fashion pieces to create an exciting new world of wearable technology. But once in a while a device comes along that goes a step … Continue reading

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Chew on This: Bluetooth Mouth Guard Detects Grinding

Screen Shot 09-14-15 at 11.12 AM

With most habits, you’re consciously aware of them. Not so with tooth grinding, which happens when you’re asleep. In fact, the best way to detect whether you’re one of the 30 million Americans who grinds their teeth—which can cause tooth … Continue reading

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What’s Cooking? Bluetooth Offers Smart Home Chefs a Helping Hand


Kitchens are at the heart of any home—and are certainly the heart of many of the latest smart home innovations. General Electric’s recent Connect Chef line is a new addition (coming fall 2015) that gives home chefs a helping hand, … Continue reading

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Star Trek Nerds Rejoice! Throw-back Communicator Meets High-Tech Future


For all the controversy between Trekkies versus Trekkers, there’s one thing both camps never stopped coveting: the original Star Trek Communicator. Who didn’t envy Captain Kirk’s debonair flip of the wrist and cool demand to “beam me up, Scotty”? Star … Continue reading