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Q&A with Ulrich Ditschler, CEO & Founder at TobyRich

SmartUAV without planes.153

We recently covered a couple of cool start-ups experimenting with smartphone-controlled toy planes which fly with Bluetooth® Smart technology. The ‘smart toy’ market is quickly gaining traction, so we decided to catch up with Ulrich Ditschler from German start-up TobyRich to find … Continue reading

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Internet of Things Aims to Smarten Your Life


The Bluetooth SIG held its annual New York City media event last week and it was flat out awesome—20 member companies showed off their latest Bluetooth® innovations to the New York media. The Associated Press—the world’s oldest and largest news organization—ran … Continue reading

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Toshiba Introduces Bluetooth Beacon Signs


Toshiba recently introduced signs that use Bluetooth® Smart technology to create customize the consumer shopping experience.  Bluetooth beacons send out a signal and when the smartphone comes into range, the sign becomes an “adaptive storefront.” I love when technology from … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Technology Flying into the Wild Blue Yonder


Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season…a paper airplane powered by Bluetooth®. We first saw this cool product at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show where the company, PowerUp Toys, showed off their paper airplane conversion kit. The kit takes … Continue reading

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One More Thing….


The Apple Watch, announced yesterday from Cupertino, was not the first smart watch launched this year, and certainly not the first wearable. We’ve seen a flood of smart watches introduced—the Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear S, and … Continue reading

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Q&A with Omer El Fakir, BLOCKS


The Bluetooth SIG London media event in August featured a wide range of Bluetooth® technology innovations from all over Europe. Among them was BLOCKS—a prototype modular smartwatch concept. We took some time and sat down with Omer El Fakir, Design Engineer … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Technology Makes Home Life Easier


Bluetooth® and Bluetooth Smart technology are all about connections—connecting things to things, devices to applications and, with the recent Google announcement, connecting your information to the cloud—to enable the Internet of Things. “It has really been phenomenal to watch Bluetooth Smart … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Wearables Track What We Love Most

Bluetooth® Smart technology is tying together the Internet of Things in many verticals. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the wearables industry. There are many use cases for Bluetooth technology within wearables. Everything from saving lives to helping you … Continue reading

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Bluetooth® Smart Technology Takes You to the Movies

Odeon Cinema

Fancy a movie to go with your beer? Grolsch has it covered. Grolsch beer launched a digital initiative called the ‘Movie Unlocker’ providing free movies for lager lovers. Using a Bluetooth Smart beacon in the bottle cap, the drinker simply … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Enabled Toys Makes Christmas More Exciting

Logo 1 Bluetooth_FM_Color [Converted]

Christmas is right around the corner and there are a couple of cool new Bluetooth® Smart technology enabled toys for the kids. The first one is by Axpro. The U14 Free Kick is a robotic soccer player that kicks a … Continue reading