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Bluetooth Enabled Glasses Marry Function with Fashion


Santiago Ambit is passionate about technology and holds several patents. He’s won over eleven prizes for some of his ideas and products including plants that send out tweets when they need watered, shoes for the blind or digital signage that … Continue reading

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Helping CAPD Students with Bluetooth Technology

Jody Vankeuren

Every day occupational therapists work with students who struggle in school. However, the classroom environment can be overwhelming for many. “My mom’s an occupational therapist and I’ve assisted her in the classroom over the years. Mom and I discussed how … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Smart Makes Buying Clothes a Pleasant Experience

Sarah White

Like many women, Sarah White, 27, has trouble when shopping for clothes. She is tall and hovers around a size 10/12—right on the border of plus sized. Sarah wanted a bridge between the online- and offline-shopping experience that is more … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Smart Allows Pilots to Control Airplanes with Smart Devices

Chris Morales

Chris Morales is not your typical student. He’s spent the past eight years as an F/A-18 Super Hornet Weapons Systems Officer. Now he’s a student finalist in the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards. “The F/A-18 is a pretty high tech fighter jet, … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Technology Helping Type 1 Diabetics Control Insulin Levels

Olivia Siller

Growing up in a single-parent household with four siblings provided its own rewards and challenges. When Olivia Siller’s, 18, older sister, Katie, was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, the family’s entire life changed. Doctors placed Katie on an insulin … Continue reading

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16 Year Old Develops Bluetooth Smart Solution to Keep Alzheimer’s Patients from Wandering

Kenneth Shinozuka

“There are 5.2 million Alzheimer’s patients in the U.S., more than 60% of whom wander. Caring for them cost the nation $220 billion in 2013 alone, a number that is expected to multiply five times by the year 2050.”— Kenneth … Continue reading

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The Future of Smart Home, with iDevices CEO and Founder, Chris Allen


The Bluetooth SIG caught up with iDevices last week at CES as they launched the iDevices Switch, the world’s first HomeKit-enabled connected plug. Switch allows users to manage their home from wherever they are using the iDevices Connected app and … Continue reading

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2015 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards—Finalists Announced


CES means it is Bluetooth® Breakthrough Awards time. The SIG announced this year’s finalists last night at CES. “The Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards ran the gamut this year, from fun and novel to life-improving,” said Mark Powell, executive director of the … Continue reading

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DJ QBert Creates Bluetooth Album Cover

Novalia and Interactive Album Cover

I love cool Bluetooth® technology stories. DJ Q-Bert launched a Kickstarter campaign last year for an interactive jacket sleeve for his new album Extraterrestria/GalaXXXian. The cool part is the sleeve uses 2013 Bluetooth Breakthrough Award finalist, Novalia’s technology. Novalia conductive print and … Continue reading

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Three Ways Bluetooth® Smart Technology Enables Innovation for the Internet of Things

oort products

If you look at the broad Internet of Things (IoT) market today, many current solutions are simply missing the mark. Companies still expect consumers to be a one-man-band, racing from device to device, controlling each one individually. The problem is … Continue reading