How to Deploy Bluetooth Secure Gateway on Intel Edison

Bluetooth SIG released an advanced toolkit, the Bluetooth Secure Gateway, last September. With this toolkit, you can learn how to connect your Bluetooth devices to the Internet of Things. The hands-on labs in this kit will help you familiarize yourself with how to set up the popular ARM-based Raspberry Pi2/Pi3 to act as a secure gateway for your Bluetooth low energy devices. I became curious to see if there any other popular dev boards which could run the Bluetooth Secure Gateway aside from one... Continue Reading

The Bluetooth Secure Gateway Connects You to the Cloud


The world, she is a changin’ and technology is moving faster than any time I can remember. In my lifetime, we’ve seen personal computers give way to cell phones. We’ve seen the rise of the Internet as the integral fabric of our lives. And we’ve seen the rise of Justin Bieber. Wow, some things you just want to un-invent.What the Future HoldsWhen I take a look at the next five years or so of what I believe will be a theme in technology, one thing REALLY sticks out: connectedness. At Bluetooth, one... Continue Reading