Turning Renewed Excitement into an Ecosystem for Everyone

Apple’s latest iPhone, the 7, shipped on Friday and is finding its way into consumer hands. This is the first wildly popular smartphone to shun the 3.5 mm headphone jack for audio. This doesn’t immediately mean all audio connectivity will be wireless – there is a dongle, there are options for lightning connected headphones and earbuds – but there is definitely renewed excitement around wireless audio and we are pretty excited as well. Streaming audio is frequently the first Bluetooth technology... Continue Reading

Motorcyclists Hit the Open Road with Bluetooth Handlebar Remote


Outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe have embraced innovative hands-free Bluetooth technology that lets them pursue their activities and still have access to music, GPS, and communications. For motorcyclists, Bluetooth has changed the riding experience for good, and Sena is at the heart of that revolution with a full range of integrated Bluetooth headsets, microphones, intercoms, radio adapters, and cameras. Now Sena has made its communication systems even safer and easier to use with a Bluetooth... Continue Reading

The New Braille? Bluetooth Technology Promises Independence for the Visually Impaired


These days, it’s easy to get so accustomed to technology that we wonder what we did before it was invented. Many of us feel this way about turn-by-turn navigation systems—did we actually rely on paper maps? If Microsoft has its way, soon the sight-impaired community will also be able to reap the rewards of GPS and Bluetooth beacon technology—in a way specially customized for their needs.After spending two years discovering the needs of the visually impaired, Microsoft—in a unique partnership with... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Headset Adds Color to Your Life


Sony Mobile SBH20Sony Mobile launched its newest Bluetooth enabled headset, the SBH20. This stereo headset pairs easily with your smartphone so you can enjoy “rich bass and dynamic sound.” This headset comes in five different colors including turquoise.This is just another example of how Bluetooth technology lets you have an amazing stereo experience and go wireless.Learn more Continue Reading

Mother's Day Bluetooth Technology Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away and the rush is on to get her a gift to show how much you love and appreciate all she does for you—no pressure or anything. Make this a Mother’s Day she won’t forget with some cool Bluetooth enabled products. Here are some interesting ideas depending on your type of mom.Mom likes things for the house: Bluetooth Scale by ReFleX Wireless nutritional scale by ReFleX—this Bluetooth enabled kitchen scale allows users to track calorie intake through the ReFleX NutriPlus... Continue Reading

Talk to Your Hand with Bluetooth


If you’ve ever held your hand up to your face and wiggled your thumb and forefinger like you’re making a phone call, then you know the sign for “Call me.” No one would ever think you’re actually making a call when you use your hand to imitate a phone, but that’s exactly what a new Bluetooth enabled glove lets you do.The hi-Call glove (from a company named hi-Fun) has a speaker built into the thumb and a microphone in the pinky, so you can talk by making the traditional "call me" hand gesture.The... Continue Reading

Worried about holding your cell phone? Use a Bluetooth headset


Technology does a lot to make our lives better. But at the breakneck speed that technology advances, it’s sometimes hard to verify if the benefits outweigh the possible negative side effects of at least some technology. A good example is today’s news from the World Health Organization that it now considers cell phone use potentially more harmful to people than the organization once thought.Last year, the WHO released a statement that said essentially it believed there is a link between cell phones... Continue Reading

Drive Smart, Drive Safe with Bluetooth Hands-Free

Drive Smart, Drive Safe with Bluetooth Hands-Free

There is an unnerving trend in America these days to rush to extremes. On the political front, we are seeing this play out with the Tea Party movement. And just this past week we have seen perfectly reasonable air travelers turn against the TSA – the very people who are trying to protect us. While being searched and having my image copied every time I fly isn’t my favorite idea, I do understand that it is an imperfect system and there are bound to be some mistakes made along the way.We see extreme... Continue Reading

Go hands-free & “green” with this smart use of Bluetooth technology

Go hands-free & “green” with this smart use of Bluetooth technology

Check out this solar-powered headset from iTech. It's the SolarVoice headset. Besides the solar-powered cell, it has all the expected headset features including noise reduction and it also features the ability to connect two cell phones simultaneously. The i.Tech Solar Voice 908 headset has Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR and it works with devices that support Headset, Hands-Free and A2DP profiles. The voice quality is good with many phones and the DSP is effective with some phones.The SolarVoice headset is... Continue Reading

Keep Your Hands at Ten and Two


They are mantras of defensive driving and driver’s education courses – keep your hands at ten and two; hands on the wheel, eyes on the road – common sense instructions for driving that keep you safer and focused. Today, a new Washington State hands-free law goes into effect, which makes texting or talking on your phone without a hands-free device a primary offense, meaning an officer can stop you based solely on the observation of text messaging or illegal mobile phone use and fine you $124 for... Continue Reading