From Prototype to Global Standard—Celebrating 20 Years of Market Creation

The Bluetooth SIG kicked off the year with its 20th anniversary celebration, marking two decades of next-generation wireless innovation. Formed in 1998, the Bluetooth SIG started with a handful of companies focused on wire replacement for mobile voice and data. Today more than 33,000 member companies are part of an organization dedicated to perfecting and advancing a flexible, reliable, and secure wireless connection solution. “Since its inception, Bluetooth has continuously evolved, expanding the... Continue Reading

Cassia Networks on IoT Podcast

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Stacey Higginbotham highlighted Cassia Networks, a Bluetooth SIG member company on IoT Podcast. Cassia Networks is dedicated to providing customers with the freedom to connect and control Bluetooth devices throughout the smart home, enterprise, and beyond. Stacey spoke with Van Krueger, VP of U.S. Operations at Cassia Networks, about why Cassia chose to use Bluetooth technology in its products and why interoperability and collaboration are key to achieving this mission. Bluetooth enables the Cassia... Continue Reading

Rock out with 15 Bluetooth Speakers

Rock out with 15 Bluetooth Speakers

This year, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group celebrates its 15th anniversary and the 15th anniversary of Bluetooth technology. Today, you are likely to find Bluetooth in the heart rate monitor you take for a run, in your watch or even the lock on your front door. But for years Bluetooth technology has been a big part of the music scene. There is an amazing array of Bluetooth speakers available—with more coming all the time. In honor of our 15th year, and because everyone likes music, here's a... Continue Reading

Sony releases first A/V receiver with built-in Bluetooth technology


Sony is now shipping its first A/V receiver with Bluetooth technology, allowing users to stream music to their home theater and home speakers from any Bluetooth enabled phone, laptop or tablet.The Sony STR-DN1030 is priced at $499. Sony's newest A/V receiver does not require a dongle to add Bluetoothtechnology, unlike competing Bluetooth enabled receivers from Pioneer, Yamaha and Onkyo.CNET rates the STR-DN1030's sound quality as excellent and calls it "one of best receiver values this year." Continue Reading

Pioneer adds Bluetooth audio to 2012 AV receivers


Pioneer announced its new lineup of AV receivers for 2012, with three of the four receivers supporting Pioneer's optional AS-BT200 Bluetooth adapter.The tiny device plugs into the back of the Pioneer VSX-1122-K, VSX-1022-K and VSX-822-K receivers, allowing users to stream music or audio programs from a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The receivers can stream audio from virtually any Bluetooth device that supports the A2DP stereo audio profile.The new receivers also have up to 7... Continue Reading

Making Bluetooth audio sound great


A wave of new Bluetooth speakers and stereo headphones has reached the market in the past 6-12 months, from pricey audiophile gear to inexpensive little wireless speakers you can toss into a travel bag. The sound quality of most of these products is excellent.When I read about these new products in the news, I’ve occasionally noticed the reviewer or journalist making a comment like “…but they have Bluetooth audio.” The implication is that these products could sound better if they didn’t use Bluetooth... Continue Reading

Portable speaker makers flock to Bluetooth technology


An article on cnet this week got me thinking about how fast the market for Bluetooth enabled speakers is taking off. The article, titled “Why iPhone speakers are ditching AirPlay for Bluetooth,” lists six reasons why Bluetooth technology is better suited than Apple’s Airplay feature for streaming music from smartphones, laptops, and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The article doesn’t really criticize Airplay (except for cost); it focuses on why Bluetooth technology is even better for streaming... Continue Reading