Meet the Imagine Blue Winner - Sara Du

Fortunately, not many young teenagers get stranded in the wilderness; fewer still come back inspired to use technology to prevent it from happening to anyone else. But that's what happened to Sara Du, the winner of this year's Student category for the Imagine Blue awards and creator of the Bluejay device. Sara wound up stranded due to a technology failure. "A few years ago, I volunteered at an event," she explains, "in this little valley between the mountains…After the event, everybody started to... Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Gary Dusek

Forty-three-year-old Gary Dusek is exemplary of the kind of dedication and creativity that goes into becoming an Imagine Blue student finalist. "I returned to school later in life," he says, "to learn and explore lifelong interests in environmental science, sustainability, and design. I earned my high school diploma in 2016, as well as my Associates degree in Fine Arts/Design, and I am now a sophomore in the BFA Interior Design program at The New School." Deeply interested in sustainability and... Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Kento Sasamoto

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making our lives easier in many ways, connecting the devices and objects we use daily so that our worlds function more smoothly. There are many ways we can control those connected devices, from computers to smartphones, but those methods can have their limitations—for anyone, but especially for people with various disabilities. Enter the MagicKnock: a device that allows one to control connected devices with a simple knocking sound that can be made with fingertips, Continue Reading

Solving the World's Challenges with Bluetooth


It’s that time of year where we begin collecting entries for the Imagine Blue Awards. The Imagine Blue Awards highlights the work and imaginations of creators, developers, designers, and students who are using Bluetooth technology to push the boundaries of wireless connectivity to solve the world’s biggest challenges.Since launching the awards in 2013, we’ve seen some incredible technology and ideas from all parts of the world. We’ve had a Bluetooth enabled asthma inhaler, basketball, prosthetic, Continue Reading

Bluetooth Breakthrough Award Students Catalyze The Future of Human Innovation

Bluetooth Breakthrough Award Students Catalyze The Future of Human Innovation

Congratulations to our 2016 Bluetooth Breakthrough Award student winner, Sanjana Shah, and runner-up, Josh Kaplan, for their dedication and passion for technological innovation to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Sanjana will receive a $5,000 cash prize to further her project and bring it to life, and Josh will receive a developer kit to empower him to continue to build and innovate for the future.Fourteen-year-old Sanjana Shah’s passion for solving problems with technology came to life in... Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Josh Kaplan


Josh Kaplan’s idea for his Bluetooth Breakthrough Award entry, BrailleBoard, stemmed from a desire to give social power to visually impaired teens. The flip-open keyboard case is Bluetooth enabled, featuring Braille characters and large-print contrasting letters on the keys that help the visually impaired not only text and type on their smartphones in an easy manner but allow them full use of their phone’s features.Josh and his team of innovators met while participating in the SEED SPOT NEXT Program, Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Vishwa Nathan


Vishwa Nathan’s idea for the Arduino Smart Shelf, his Bluetooth Breakthrough Award entry, came to fruition after his father challenged him to construct a drawer that opened and closed automatically. Upon completing the shelf, he realized people worldwide suffered from challenges that didn’t allow them to open drawers because their hands shook too much or it was too painful to grip the handle.“From there, I realized I could use the product my father challenged me to build to help people all around... Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Maya Varma

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Maya Varma

Maya Varma became fascinated with microcontrollers at a young age, and moved quickly on a technological trajectory that would eventually make her a Bluetooth Breakthrough Award student finalist.As early as the sixth grade, Maya started working with Arduino boards. A year later, she designed a traffic alert system to prevent accidents due to distracted driving. Then, in the eighth grade, she developed a cost-effective foot neuropathy analyzer to enable early detection of neuropathy in diabetic patients. Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Julia Gong

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Julia Gong

Many of the solutions for solving sexual assault cases that Julia Gong was aware of focused on institutional policy changes and public awareness—emphasizing a change in the mindset of criminals, victims, and society after the fact, rather than trying to prevent sexual assault from happening at all. Recognizing the need for something more, Julia set out to use her passion and knowledge of science and technology to tackle the problem in a different way.“I decided that my approach from the individual's... Continue Reading

Meet the Next Generation of Bluetooth Pioneers


When we first created the student category of the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards, we wanted to recognize and encourage young innovators and inventors working with Bluetooth technology in their school or side hobby project to build on their passion for technology and engineering. Today, we’ve realized this category embodies much more. Our young innovators are looking to solve the world’s challenges – both big and small – and they’re turning to Bluetooth to make it possible. In turn, we are committed... Continue Reading