From Prototype to Global Standard—Celebrating 20 Years of Market Creation

The Bluetooth SIG kicked off the year with its 20th anniversary celebration, marking two decades of next-generation wireless innovation. Formed in 1998, the Bluetooth SIG started with a handful of companies focused on wire replacement for mobile voice and data. Today more than 33,000 member companies are part of an organization dedicated to perfecting and advancing a flexible, reliable, and secure wireless connection solution. “Since its inception, Bluetooth has continuously evolved, expanding the... Continue Reading

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760


Logitech has just the device for anyone tired of having to change the batteries in their keyboard. The company's new Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 can be powered by any light—low light or lamp light, indoors or out—and fully charged, last for at least three months before it needs a recharge.Best of all, the slim, lightweight $80 keyboard includes Bluetooth technology so it can easily pair with other Bluetooth enabled devices.Logitech designed this model specifically to work with Apples devices. Continue Reading

Expanding the Bluetooth Smart Ready ecosystem


With Apple’s announcement this week of its new line of MacBook Pro laptops, the company now offers the broadest range of Bluetooth Smart Ready devices on the market. The four new MacBook Pro models join the MacBook Air, Mac mini, iPhone 4S and new iPad in supporting Bluetooth 4.0.Apple’s entire mobile device product line now supports and usesBluetooth technology for connectivity. By building its products as Bluetooth Smart Ready, Apple is able to create an ecosystem of devices that can connect, Continue Reading

Write or draw on the new iPad with this stylus


If you've used an iPad or another tablet, you know how natural it is to control the device with your fingertips. But what if you want to write or draw on a tablet? For that, you probably need a pressure-sensitive stylus.A product design firm called Ten One Design is releasing a stylus with Bluetooth 4.0 that will work with the new iPad and other Bluetooth Smart Ready tablets in the future.The stylus, code named Blue Tiger, is supported by the Core Bluetooth framework in Apple's iOS5. Continue Reading

Our 2011 Best of CES Winners: From 3D TVs to Armbands


Two weeks ago in another blog post, I told you about the 10 Best of CES finalists we chose just before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now I‘m pleased to announce the winners, which we named at the It Won’t Stay in Vegas Tweet House event last weekend.Vizio is the overall winner for its Class Theater 3D™ Edge Lit Razor LED LCD HDTV. This Vizio HDTV exemplifies all the characteristics that consumers have come to expect from Bluetooth technology – functionality, innovative... Continue Reading

Hands-on video: How to tether your laptop to an iPhone


I’ve always wished I could use iPhones as a modem to connect my laptop to the Internet, but it wasn’t possible until recently. When Apple announced in June that its new iOS4 would support this “tethering” feature, I had to try it—especially since it allows you to tether an iPhone and laptop with a Bluetooth connection.How hard was it to tether my Mac and Windows laptops to my iPhone 3GS? Watch the video to find out. Continue Reading