Apple Keeps Bluetooth At Its Core


Big news out of Cupertino (or rather, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco) yesterday as Apple unveiled updates to its iPhone line up, an entirely new iPad and the much anticipated update for Apple TV.The new functionality of Apple TV revolves around the completely rethought Apple Remote. The device controls every aspect of the TV, from volume levels to serving as a control for gaming – and, of course, it is powered by Bluetooth Smart technology.Not only does the power efficiency of... Continue Reading

JBL announces TV sound bars with Bluetooth


JBL has taken its TV sound bars a step further than other manufacturers by adding Bluetooth to two new models.The Cinema SB400 ($549) and Cinema SB200 ($299) allow you to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Bluetooth device. They also handle the main function of a sound bar -- improving on the typically weak speakers built into most flat-panel TVs.The SB200 features dual 3-1/2-inch (89-millimeter) cone woofers, two 1-inch (25-millimeter) dome tweeters, a built-in... Continue Reading

Panasonic VT50 series HDTVs


Panasonic is leading the charge toward making TVs a hub for Bluetooth devices in the home. The company's new Smart Viera VT50 series of plasma TVs can connect to other Bluetooth wireless devices like the BodyMedia Armband.BodyMedia has a matching app you run on the TV that lets you see your calorie, step and activity data live while you work out.In addition to supporting Bluetooth 4.0, these new TVs also have superior picture quality. CNET says the VT50 has "the best flat-panel picture you can buy."Models... Continue Reading

Panasonic launches Bluetooth TV controller


Panasonic is releasing the Viera Touch Pad Controller to go with its new 2012 VT50 and WT50 Series HDTVs. The Bluetooth controller – which is sold only with these TVs – is designed to let people perform basic TV and web-browsing functions just by moving one thumb.A touch pad in the center of the controller moves the cursor around on screen and scrolls through web pages. A central button switches between watching TV and the Viera Connect home screen, where you can use various web services or a web... Continue Reading

Dish TV adds Bluetooth technology to flagship DVR


The new Dish Network Hopper is now shipping, bringing Bluetooth technology to the company's newest and best DVR. Dish is promoting the feature as a way for its customers to use Bluetooth wireless headphones with their TV.The main Hopper DVR is designed as the centerpiece of a "whole home DVR system" that also uses smaller Joey units connected to other TVs in different rooms of the house. The Hopper has three tuners, picture-in-picture, and 2TB of internal storage that can hold up to 250 hours of... Continue Reading

New Bluetooth sound bars from LG


LG is releasing two new sound bars with Bluetooth technology for wireless streaming from smart phones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices.CNET notes that LG's choice to stick with Bluetooth technology instead of Apple's AirPlay technology for wireless streaming "could be a savvy one for a number of reasons, including compatibility with both iOS and Android devices and lower cost."LG announced the new products, LG NB2420A and LG NB3520A, at CES 2012. Both include wireless subwoofers. They... Continue Reading

Coming soon to a living room near you


You may not have a 3D TV yet, but the consumer electronics industry is betting you soon will – or that you'll at least want one soon. Most major TV manufacturers are now selling 3D TVs, including heavy hitters Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic.These products are still relatively new, with the first 3D TVs released less than a year ago. Since few people replace their TV every year, it takes awhile for a new technology like this to become popular.Because it's so early in the 3D TV market, there's still... Continue Reading

Driving Bluetooth technology into the center of the home


There's no doubt that the television is at the center of home entertainment in most households. It certainly is in our home (especially on Super Bowl weekend). Yet the number of televisions with integrated Bluetooth technology today is somewhat limited, although that's starting to change with new Bluetooth enabled TVs from LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, and Vizio.If you had a Bluetooth enabled TV, you could pair a lot of useful devices with it, like wireless headphones, a camera or phone... Continue Reading

Our 2011 Best of CES Winners: From 3D TVs to Armbands


Two weeks ago in another blog post, I told you about the 10 Best of CES finalists we chose just before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now I‘m pleased to announce the winners, which we named at the It Won’t Stay in Vegas Tweet House event last weekend.Vizio is the overall winner for its Class Theater 3D™ Edge Lit Razor LED LCD HDTV. This Vizio HDTV exemplifies all the characteristics that consumers have come to expect from Bluetooth technology – functionality, innovative... Continue Reading