Technology Turns Imagination Into Reality

Technology is amazing. Transforming our lives in so many different ways. It’s broadened our entertainment, well-being and communication options, in the home and away from it. At work, it’s made us more productive, no matter where or when we need to work. At schools, students research and expand their knowledge like never before, faster than ever. Technology is always evolving. It drives innovation, which in turn creates new products that deliver exciting benefits — in our homes, on the road, at work, in school…everywhere.

One technology that has provided us countless benefits over the years with many more new ones in the years to come, is Bluetooth. As an employee of the Bluetooth SIG, I might be biased here. The fact is, the majority of us benefit from Bluetooth technology. Whether hands-free calling in a car, speakers we can place anywhere, or headphones without wires, Bluetooth has made our lives safer and more convenient. The Bluetooth technology that delivers high speed data rates for video, audio and other large files will continue to drive new innovations for years to come.

But like other technologies, Bluetooth is always evolving. That’s where Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready come in. With ultra low power and small form factor, new Bluetooth Smart device sensors can wirelessly connect to Bluetooth Smart Ready hubs like smartphones or tablets. Imagine a small Bluetooth Smart sensor device on an inhaler.

Asthmapolis Sensor on Asthma Inhaler

The sensor captures key data and sends it to an application running on a Bluetooth Smart Ready phone. Thanks to an integrated GPS on the phone, the application can report how often the inhaler is used and where asthma symptoms happen most. Think of the benefits… Track when and where symptoms occur. Share information with a doctor. All real time.  This can make controlling the chronic disease a lot easier.  There’s no need to imagine this concept. A Bluetooth SIG member, “Asthmapolis” has already developed it.

I’ve seen countless other innovations like this that our members have launched  or will be launching shortly across a wide range of industries, all with the help of Bluetooth technology. Like a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor from Polar that transmits heart rate data real time to your Bluetooth Smart Ready phone as you work out. Or a Bluetooth Smart watch from Cookoo that alerts you whenever there’s an appointment, email, text message or more while your phone remains in your pocket or bag. The possibilities are limited only by our imaginations.

For me personally, I’d love to see Bluetooth Smart sensors on skis that can record speed, distance, number of turns, the height of jumps and so much more. I’d be able to compare it with my friends right on the slopes and even share online. What Bluetooth Smart devices would you like to see come to life? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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