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Posted on August 11, 2015 by Victoria Kusske

SXSW_Platinum-2015-RGBNow is the time to weigh in on what you want to see at SXSW 2016 by voting for the panels you want featured at next year’s interactive conference. The Bluetooth SIG has three sessions on the hot topics of IoT, beacon technology, and security with insights from industry leaders like IHS Technology, Fortune, Under Armour, Mutual Mobile, Encap Security, and CSID. Voting ends September 4th so be sure to vote for your favorite sessions today!

The Smart Security vs. Functionality Tradeoff

With more smart products arriving every day in the market, the benefits of connectivity are advancing and so are the security and privacy misconceptions and threats. The panel will discuss how to navigate balancing security and functionality, consumer education and access to control, and how to think about and implement security in this new area of technological advancement. Cast your vote now.

Getting ROI on the IOT: How to Make a Business

The Internet of Things is a projected multi-billion dollar industry, and everybody wants a share. However, with new smart gadgets coming out every hour of every day, how do we distinguish the real disruptors against all the noise? The panel will discuss the IoT business strategy, bringing real value, challenges to market success, and what consumers are demanding and how companies can meet those expectations. Cast your vote now.

Push It Good: Why Beacons are the Tindr of Retail

The ability to send relevant mobile messages to consumers when they are susceptible to input and actively engaged in merchandise can completely change the shopping experience. From workout activities to personal goals, the targeting capabilities and insights from the suite of mobile applications paired with Beacon technology, allow brands to target, down to the exact mile on your shoe, what your next purchase should be. This panel will discuss the next wave of technology impacting in-store shopping. Cast your vote now.

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