With New Bluetooth Antenna You Can Go Offthegrid But Not Outoftouch

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Nanci Taplett

We’ve all experienced the 21st century panic when our cell phone suddenly doesn’t have a signal. And it always seems to happen in the worst possible situations: when you’re far off the beaten trail, lost in a crowd, or in the eye of the storm. But for those who take the motto “be prepared” to heart, there’s a new option.communicate-phone

The goTenna is a small, portable Bluetooth® technology antenna that wirelessly connects to your smartphone and generates a long-range, point-to-point VHF radio signal that can be delivered to another goTenna device (goTenna is sold in pairs for that reason). Because the goTenna can only communicate to other goTennas and can only send text messages or location data, not voice, it’s not likely to take over the world. But for some situations, it could be your best bet for communication—think zombie apocalypse…

goTenna generates its own signal, so it’s not dependent on cell towers, Wi-Fi, or satellite. For hikers, mountain climbers, or boaters, it provides the peace of mind of being able to communicate their location to a friend, or to send a message asking for help. (The goTenna’s theoretical range is 50 miles, but because it’s a radio, actual signal distance is dependent on terrain, elevation, and obstructions. Typical range is closer to one to six miles.)  goTenna also allows communication in crowded areas such as concerts, sporting events, or conventions where cell service can be spotty. It works even during emergencies when cell service is down or overburdened.

goTenna is available for discounted pre-order now, with shipping expected this fall.

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