Worry Free with hipKey

A classic “case of the Mondays” begins something like this…

  • Time spent finding phone – 3 minutes
  • Time spent searching for keys – 5 minutes
  • Time spent locating purse – 4 minutes

Enter hipKey, a small Bluetooth® enabled sensor device designed to keep tabs on your necessities, saving you time.

Plus, there’s an app for that! Using Bluetooth Smart technology the hipKey & app work together, notifying you based on the customizable modes you select.

  • iPhone out of reach? Alarm mode can be set to short medium or long range.
  • Play date at the park? Child mode notifies you if your child gets too far away.
  • Lost keys? Find me mode will lead you straight to their hiding spot.
  • Sticky fingers nearby? Motion mode alerts you if someone moves your stuff.
Time saved thanks to Bluetooth and hipKey…priceless

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