2013 CES Better With Bluetooth

Posted on January 10, 2013 by Nanci Taplett

It’s been an exciting couple of days at CES and the buzz is big for Bluetooth SIG member companies. We’ve seen hundreds of examples of how life is better with Bluetooth® wireless technology. Industry veterans, Panasonic, CSR, Sony and Samsung made multiple announcements on new Bluetooth technology-enabled entertainment devices ranging from home theater systems and headphones to speakers and televisions.

In the automotive arena, we saw an array of apps, sound solutions and hardware to make our lives easier.

  • Delphi Automotive announced the release of its cloud-based automotive connectivity system. A driver can track, locate, access, secure and monitor a vehicle with a smartphone or browser with Bluetooth technology.
  • hippih showed off the hipKey™ that uses Bluetooth® Smart technology to wirelessly connect with an app on a user’s iPhone or iPad, to keep track of their most important belongings.

In the Connected Health & Fitness category, Fitbit and BodyMedia showed new Bluetooth Smart fitness trackers while Adidas introduced MiCoach a Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor. These trackers sync fitness and performance stats with a digital device to keep track of a user’s fitness goals.

As always, CES showed a plethora of the coolest and newest gadgets and devices that captured the imagination—and a lot of media attention.

  • Tethercell introduced a battery adapter that uses its app and Bluetooth Smart connectivity to turn devices on and off and track battery life.
  • Martian Watches, MetaWatch and ConnecteDevice introduced Bluetooth technology-enabled watches.
  • The Beam Toothbrush is a Bluetooth connected toothbrush that makes sure you are spending enough time brushing your teeth.

For more on the gadgets coming from 2013 CES, check out Bluetooth Member News.

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