Apple Helping Lead The Industry To Bluetooth V40

Posted on October 05, 2011 by Mike Foley

Apple’s hotly anticipated new iPhone 4S is significant for many reasons, but one reason in particular stands out for me—it’s the first phone to include Bluetooth v4.0 technology. Apple is a technology leader, and they’re certainly leading with this announcement of the newest iPhone.

A year from now, I expect it will be hard to find a new smartphone that doesn’t include Bluetooth v4.0. We’ll look back and remember Apple as one of the pioneers that led the charge to this new technology.

By including Bluetooth v4.0, Apple is ensuring that the iPhone 4S will be able to connect to a wave of other Bluetooth v4.0 devices coming later this year, from health and fitness sensors (heart rate straps, blood glucose monitors, etc.) to new laptops, tablets, and consumer electronics devices (remote controls, 3D glasses, etc.)

Apple added Bluetooth v4.0 to the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini in June. Now Apple has a trio of devices ready for the wireless future. Stay tuned for more phone and computer makers to follow Apple’s lead.

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