Bluetooth at CES : An IoT for Everyone

Bluetooth at CES and in 2017 - An IoT for Everyone Panel

This year, we had the privilege to host some of the top leaders from the associations, companies, standards, and technologies that are building the Internet of Things (IoT) in a three-panel speaking track at CES 2017. As the IoT continues to grow (and rapidly!), the fight to win the consumer is building un-scalable walls between use cases, crippling adoption, and limiting innovation. In our sessions, we focused on how to overcome these challenges by working together to put the consumer first. We... Continue Reading

ABI Research Forecasts a Bright Bluetooth Future

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It’s been a pivotal year for Bluetooth technology, and a recent report published by ABI Research indicates that Bluetooth will continue to catalyze the IoT for years to come. ABI forecasts that Bluetooth devices will break 5 billionshipments by 2021 as new opportunities, use cases, and device types open up to meet developer and consumer demands. “While smartphones and audio accessories remain Bluetooth’s largest markets, the technology is becoming more attractive to low-power IoT applications,” Continue Reading

The IoT brings convenience to holiday travel

The holidays are here again(how did this year go by so fast?), and if you’re like me you probably have some travel coming up- to visit family, reunite with friends or, hopefully, to get away from the craziness that comes with the holidays (ie a trip to a beach?). If you’re a seasoned traveler you probably already have your noise-cancelling, wireless headphones packed- but you may not be aware of all the convenience, comfort and security the Internet of Things is providing to people on the go. Did... Continue Reading

Cassia Networks on IoT Podcast

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Stacey Higginbotham highlighted Cassia Networks, a Bluetooth SIG member company on IoT Podcast. Cassia Networks is dedicated to providing customers with the freedom to connect and control Bluetooth devices throughout the smart home, enterprise, and beyond. Stacey spoke with Van Krueger, VP of U.S. Operations at Cassia Networks, about why Cassia chose to use Bluetooth technology in its products and why interoperability and collaboration are key to achieving this mission. Bluetooth enables the Cassia... Continue Reading

This Wearable is Changing How Endurance Athletes Train

On this week’s episode of IoT Podcast with Stacey Higginbotham, Alessandro Babini, the CEO of Bluetooth SIG member company Humon, had the opportunity to talk about the benefits the Humon Beta wearable delivers to athletes. The Humon wearable helps endurance athletes train smarter by monitoring the way their muscles are using oxygen in real-time. The wearable straps onto the athlete’s thigh and pairs via Bluetooth technology with your smartphone to monitor your muscle oxygenation level, making recommendations... Continue Reading

Blue is Local: Supporting Kirkland Startup Weekend

Last weekend, Bluetooth participated in the Kirkland Startup Weekend, an annual event that encourages innovators to collaborate on new ideas. Each year, Kirkland Startup Weekend gives individuals the opportunity to pitch their startup ideas, form teams around top proposals, and then scramble to establish a business model, code, design, and support their concept with market validation. In just 54-hours, this wild event sparks grand ideas for the Internet of Things. Kicking off on Friday, the SIG’s... Continue Reading

Turning Renewed Excitement into an Ecosystem for Everyone

Apple’s latest iPhone, the 7, shipped on Friday and is finding its way into consumer hands. This is the first wildly popular smartphone to shun the 3.5 mm headphone jack for audio. This doesn’t immediately mean all audio connectivity will be wireless – there is a dongle, there are options for lightning connected headphones and earbuds – but there is definitely renewed excitement around wireless audio and we are pretty excited as well. Streaming audio is frequently the first Bluetooth technology... Continue Reading