Traffic fatalities at 60-year low, while Bluetooth use at all-time high

Traffic fatalities at 60-year low, while Bluetooth use at all-time high

On May 7, the NHTSA released its preliminary numbers for traffic fatalities in 2011 and it was the lowest number recorded by the agency in 60 years. The reasons behind the decline are a little fuzzy and explanations differ depending on whom you talk to (better roads, better child safety laws), but none of them have cited hands-free legislation and Bluetooth hands-free solutions as a possible factor. Yes, we do represent the technology, but even to us it seems like an obvious oversight.Consider this: Continue Reading

Kudos for Bluetooth 4.0


Everyone likes to be recognized for their hard work. We at the Bluetooth SIG are no different. That’s why I was so happy to hear that the TechAmerica Foundation named the SIG one of four finalists in the annual American Technology Awards in the category of best health and medical technology, specifically for Bluetooth 4.0 and low energy technology.This national organization will name the winner on June 13 at an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. Nominations for the American Technology Awards are... Continue Reading

Optimism and growth as I move on


Signs of growth were all around at this year’s annual Bluetooth SIG All Hands Meeting recently in Vancouver, B.C. I’ve attended all these meetings since we started holding them nine years ago for our SIG members, and rarely have I seen so much optimism about the future of Bluetooth technology. It was the perfect way to wrap up my time as executive director before I step down June 1.SIG membership is now well past 16,000, with 160 companies joining our organization in just the 30 days before our... Continue Reading

Nokia takes the initiative with NFC


Near Field Communication technology got a boost recently when Nokia announced its first phone with NFC, the Lumia 610 NFC. This new Windows smartphone will soon be available in Europe through mobile operator Orange.Seeing this gave me deja vu. Five years ago, in the days before smartphones, I demonstrated NFC running on a prototype Nokia phone with Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, sending a photo to a Parrot picture frame. Engadget wrote about my demo in this 2007 article, calling NFC "the coolest new feature."So... Continue Reading

Bluetooth speakers run the gamut


The diversity of Bluetooth speakers is amazing. I noticed that again recently when Samsung announced a new Bluetooth speaker dock with a rich, furniture-quality wood finish and exposed speaker cones. The Samsung DA-E750 costs an eye-opening $800, supports both Bluetooth and Apple’s Airplay technology, and includes a docking station for your iPhone or iPad. Samsung DA-E750Contrast that with the new Panasonic SC-MC07 Compact Wireless Stereo Speaker. This $70 Bluetooth wireless speaker is tiny. I mean... Continue Reading

Wearable devices take off


By now you’ve probably heard of “wearable computing,” which tends to conjure up images of an MIT student wearing a miniature computer and sporting an odd-looking head-mounted display, perhaps with a keyboard or camera attached for added effect.Few people have any desire to wear something so geeky-looking. But when it comes to sports and fitness, wearable devices are much more stylish and practical. They’re also going mainstream. They include cool products like the Nike FuelBand wristband that measures... Continue Reading

Expanding the Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready Ecosystem


I’m happy to see that Apple incorporated Bluetooth v4.0 into the new iPad, creating the world’s first Bluetooth Smart Ready tablet. To anyone following the trajectory of Bluetooth v4.0, this news should come as no surprise. Apple has already released three other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices in the past nine months – the iPhone 4S, Mac mini and MacBook Air. The addition of the new iPad to this lineup will have a big impact, because the iPad is more than just another hot new device – it’s a phenomenon... Continue Reading

Unclogging hospital networks with Bluetooth technology


If you wandered into the Health Informational and Management Systems (HIMSS) conference in Las Vegas last week, you would have seen 35,000 attendees and hundreds of companies intently discussing the latest medical devices and technologies. The show was filled with CIOs, CTOs and IT pros for hospitals and other large healthcare providers.Top of mind for many of these healthcare technologists is how to send data from the rising number of medical devices in their facilities to the cloud, where this... Continue Reading

My Time with the Bluetooth SIG

This morning I sent a mail to the membership explaining a transition at the Executive Director position of Bluetooth SIG. I’ll write more about this and more reflections of my time with the SIG over the next couple of months. The Bluetooth SIG is a great organization and has a great future.Here is the text of the mail sent to the membership:For the past decade, the majority of my professional focus has been on fulfilling the mission of the Bluetooth SIG. During this time, the success of Bluetooth... Continue Reading

Bluetooth SIG boosts interoperability with new measure

Sometimes I talk shop in this blog about decisions we’ve made here at the Bluetooth SIG. Our latest decision affects only SIG member companies, but it’s worth covering here, especially for the SIG members who read my blog.The SIG Board of Directors has approved a mandatory enhancement to the Bluetooth specifications aimed at ensuring interoperability among Bluetooth enabled devices. The measure was created by the Bluetooth Qualification Review Board (BQRB). It defines valid subsystem combinations... Continue Reading