Bluetooth 5 is Here

Bluetooth 5

Rejoice developers, Bluetooth 5 has arrived! And with it, a lot of buzz is being generated about its capabilities. I’d like to dive into the meat of some of the more popular features a bit and then talk more about my personal favorite.  Increased Bandwidth One of the key features of Bluetooth 5 is the ability to get 2Msps (mega symbols per second, or megabits when talking in context of low energy for this blog) out of Bluetooth low energy. This is done in the same power envelope as low energy today... Continue Reading

Get ready for Bluetooth mesh!

I couldn’t be more excited in my 4 years here at the Bluetooth SIG than I am right now! We are on the cusp of releasing Bluetooth 5, which is great, but Bluetooth mesh is right on its heels. In fact, Bluetooth SIG members can start prototyping with mesh today, as the working group just released the 0.9 version of the specification. This is HUGE! While there are a LOT of great things to LOVE about Bluetooth 5 (especially the bigger payload size for advertisements), I am REALLY excited about mesh…let... Continue Reading

The Bluetooth Secure Gateway Connects You to the Cloud


The world, she is a changin’ and technology is moving faster than any time I can remember. In my lifetime, we’ve seen personal computers give way to cell phones. We’ve seen the rise of the Internet as the integral fabric of our lives. And we’ve seen the rise of Justin Bieber. Wow, some things you just want to un-invent.What the Future HoldsWhen I take a look at the next five years or so of what I believe will be a theme in technology, one thing REALLY sticks out: connectedness. At Bluetooth, one... Continue Reading

Bluetooth in the Smart Home and the Things That Build It


National Hardware Show is a New Home for BluetoothI just got back from the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. It was big…I mean REALLY big. Think of it as the CES of hardware—and when I say hardware, I mean things you use to actually build structures or hammer in a nail. Think of it as the place where Lowes, ACE, Home Depot, and every other do-it-yourself store sends buyers, as well as larger contracting companies who need to procure equipment for their jobs. Everything was at this show, including... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Developer Studio 1.0 – Released!


When I first joined the Bluetooth SIG, although I was a wireless developer, I wasn’t familiar with the ins and outs of Bluetooth technology. I immersed myself by trying to read over 3,000 pages of specification guidelines (still not finished) to learn the development process for both adopted and custom profiles—and what tools were available—with the ultimate goal of understanding how to implement the technology. The bottom line was it took me a long time to figure it out (this may, of course, be... Continue Reading

The Bluetooth Smart Home - Let There Be Light - Part 3


In part 2 of our smart home series, we looked at ways to add smart features to an existing house without changing the infrastructure. We took a look at the simple but powerful Smartplug from ZuliIn this post, we’re going to go into something a bit more mainstream—lighting. Now Zuli lets you plug anything that uses an AC source into the Smartplug, so that solution is great for lamps. But for most existing lighting solutions, you’ll need something a bit different. This is where something like Silvair... Continue Reading

The Bluetooth Smart Home - Part 2


My first post in this series was around simple devices that you could add to your home to make things easier. And with summer here, I am really loving that iGrill device.But now we want to start making our home a bit smarter. There are a lot of solutions out there (and even more coming to market over the next few months) that can help you get there. In this post I am going to focus on a few of them you can get your hands on now or very soon that will allow you to start on your smart home adventure.The... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Developer Studio and the Innovation Series – Like Peanut Butter and Jelly


As we move into spring, our training efforts at the Bluetooth SIG are gearing up. For my team, this means developer training and, for you, that means the Bluetooth Innovation Series.This year, not only did we double the worldwide locations—we will hit San Jose, Seoul, Berlin, Shanghai, London, and Boston this year—but also we’ve revamped the training.We are basing our new training agenda on the recently announced Bluetooth Developer Studio. The Innovation Series and Developer Studio are two great... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Developer Studio is Here!


When I first came on board at the Bluetooth SIG, I started asking questions about tools, processes, and technologies to understand everything I could about Bluetooth Smart. Once I understood how everything went together, we created a couple of tools to make developing with Bluetooth quicker and easier—the Application Accelerator and Smart Starter Kit. Then we thought, “We can do better.” So, we brainstormed about this…a lot. How could we add value to developers by shortening the product development... Continue Reading

Make Your Home Smarter with Bluetooth Technology


Innovative product offerings from our members often amaze us here at the Bluetooth SIG. These companies are pushing the boundaries of Bluetooth technology to create groundbreaking products every day. It is truly inspiring.But one space is really starting to stand out—Smart Home. Since visiting my first World’s Fair with the “Home of the Future,” and during every Jetson’s cartoon I watched as a kid, this space has absolutely fascinated me. Now, with Bluetooth Smart technology, we are on the cusp... Continue Reading