Windows 10 Makes Bluetooth Smart Magic


Windows 10 was announced earlier this week - it is an exciting move for Microsoft that’s been years in the making, and it will be interesting to see how developers gravitate towards a common operating system (OS) and development platform that transcends phones, tablets and PCs. Two things are certain, with Windows 10, Microsoft made building with Bluetooth technology easier for developers and the magic it can deliver even more accessible for consumers.Windows 10 builds on the Bluetooth Smart Ready... Continue Reading

Research Confirms Bluetooth Technology Thriving in Industrial Automation


connectBlue at www.connectblue.comOver the years and around the world, Bluetooth technology became synonymous with consumer wireless technology. Now, very quietly, Bluetooth is one of the preferred technologies in the industrial automation space. According to a recent IMS report, this preference by industrial customers will grow even stronger over the next five years. Replacing bulky wires with a wireless technology is a trend occurring for some time now. Bluetooth is an industrial grade technology... Continue Reading

One More Thing....


The Apple Watch, announced yesterday from Cupertino, was not the first smart watch launched this year, and certainly not the first wearable. We’ve seen a flood of smart watches introduced—the Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear S, and Intel’s Basis Peak, not to mention hints of products from Microsoft and Acer—and those are just the watches. If we start looking at the wearable market as a whole, there are fitness trackers, glasses, sleep trackers, sports bras, socks—it’s an extensive list. Xiaomi, Continue Reading

Riding the Bluetooth Wave - Android L


Last week at Google I/O, the company announced some impressive technology all stemming from the L-release of Android rolling out to consumers in the fall. The L-release extends Android wherever the user goes—to phones, tablets, wearables and to the TV. It was impressive how Google’s innovation connected and worked better together across each of the screen sizes. Now, imagine hundreds of millions of different devices connecting to these—everything from the novel to the life saving and everything... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology Knocks the Socks Off Media at CES 2014


At this year’s CES, the Bluetooth SIG, together with several of our member companies, knocked the socks off the world’s leading journalists. Our second-annual media event showed off a host of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart innovations to more than 200 industry influencers. I know that it can be difficult to stand out at CES when you’re competing with the multi-million dollar PR machines of Fortune 1000 companies, but journalists and analysts alike expressed their enthusiasm at the opportunity to... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards—2014 Finalists Announced


Last night at our annual CES media event in Las Vegas, we announced the finalists of this year’s Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards. These awards recognize the best Bluetooth enabled products and applications on the market today, as well as innovative prototypes of products coming soon. This year we invited students from around the world to participate and be recognized for their potential contributions to the Bluetooth market and the Internet of Things.The Internet of My Things is turning into the Internet... Continue Reading

Bluetooth SIG Introduces New Bluetooth 4.1 Specification


The Bluetooth SIG introduced the newest update to the core Bluetooth specification, Bluetooth 4.1. This update is an important evolutionary update to the wireless standard, which received a revolutionary update in 2010 with the introduction of Bluetooth Smart technology. This updated specification aims to improve consumer usability with increased co-existence support for LTE, efficient data exchange rates, and aid developer innovation by allowing devices to support multiple roles simultaneously. Continue Reading

GigaOM Mobilize and Bluetooth® Technology Connecting Everything


Recently, Suke Jawanda gave an interview at GigaOM Mobilize. GigaOM Mobilize brought together top-notch attendees across media, startups, and major companies to discuss and collaborate on the Internet of Things and the new era of connectivity, in which Bluetooth Smart technology is a major player.Watch Suke's Interview  Continue Reading

I Can't Wear It But Sign Me Up for an iPad Air


Expectations were high for the Apple announcement from the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco where Tim Cook and a host of Apple executives introduced the new iPad Air, iPad Mini with retinal display, new Mac Pro and Macbook Pros. Many in the industry were hoping to see the beginnings of Apple’s move into the wearable space through the much-rumored Apple smart watch. While Apple didn’t announce anything overtly “wearable” I would argue Apple entered the wearables race when it introduced the iPhone... Continue Reading