Batteries Untethered From Tethercell

Posted on January 12, 2013 by Nanci Taplett

Out of hundreds of Bluetooth® wireless technology solutions introduced at 2013 CES, I was really intrigued by this year’s Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards finalist, Tethercell, LLC. Even though it’s only a prototype, the possibility of controlling any of my battery-operated devices with my smartphone seemed very interesting.

Tethercell is an AA-battery adapter that you control from your smartphone or tablet. Using Bluetooth® Smart Ready technology, you can switch battery-operated devices on and off, set on and off schedules and be alerted when batteries are running low.

It seems pretty simple. Insert an AAA battery into the Tethercell to power it up. Take out just one of the devices’ AA batteries and replace it with the Tethercell. Download the app and you are ready to go. Every AA-battery powered device can now be Bluetooth technology enabled.

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