Bluetooth Mesh is Disrupting the IoT

Posted on November 02, 2017 by Jason Marcel

In July 2017, the Bluetooth mesh specification was released, unleashing the incredible potential of many-to-many communications that will enable homes, offices, factories, and cities to move beyond being simply connected to being truly smart. Since its adoption, several articles and performance studies have been released that take a deeper look into the inner workings and inherent benefits of a Bluetooth mesh network.

"We expect Bluetooth mesh to become as ubiquitous as all other Bluetooth connectivity and anticipate a wave of new devices will hit the market, enabling hub-less mesh networks that extend the range and reliability of Bluetooth systems,” said Daniel Cooley, Silicon Labs senior vice president and general manager.

Now, you have an opportunity to hear directly from a key contributor and get the behind-the-scenes story of the making of Bluetooth® mesh.

The Making of Mesh

In this comprehensive webinar, on 8 November 2017, Bluetooth SIG Mesh Working Group Chair Szymon Slupik from Silvair, Inc. will provide a unique look at this innovative topology and share:

  • The challenges in creating a reliable, large-scale wireless mesh network, and why Bluetooth connectivity was chosen as the technology to address them
  • The specific design goals and requirements of Bluetooth mesh and the critical decisions that needed to be made in order to meet them
  • A look ahead at the work already underway, how the standard will continue to evolve, and the markets that will benefit most

"Bluetooth mesh networking is the most robust and powerful low-power radio technology for connected lighting in commercial spaces, and it is the change the lighting industry has been waiting for,” said Rafal Han, Silvair CEO.


What Makes Bluetooth Mesh so Disruptive?

The behind-the-scenes story of the making of Bluetooth mesh

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