Bluetooth SIG Introduces New Bluetooth 41 Specification

Posted on December 04, 2013 by Suke Jawanda

The Bluetooth SIG introduced the newest update to the core Bluetooth® specification, Bluetooth 4.1. This update is an important evolutionary update to the wireless standard, which received a revolutionary update in 2010 with the introduction of Bluetooth Smart technology. This updated specification aims to improve consumer usability with increased co-existence support for LTE,  efficient data exchange rates, and aid developer innovation by allowing devices to support multiple roles simultaneously. The new release also lays the groundwork for IP-based connections, extending Bluetooth technology’s role as the essential wireless link for the Internet of Things.

  • Improving Usability—extends the brand promise to consumers with an “it just works” experience. This spec is engineered with several new features to make it work seamlessly with popular cell technologies like LTE, maintain connections with less frequent manual reconnection, and deliver a more efficient data exchange.
  • Empowering Developer Innovation—provides developers with greater flexibility to create innovative Bluetooth products and solutions through dual-mode topology and link-layer topology software features.
  • Enabling the Internet of Things—lays the groundwork for IP-based connections by allowing devices to setup a dedicated communication channel in the future thereby extending the central position for Bluetooth technology in the Internet of Things.

Bluetooth Smart technology put the industry on a rocket ship of growth, with Bluetooth annual product shipment projections skyrocketing to more than 4.5 billion in the next1` five years. This update to the Bluetooth specification addresses this projected growth, giving developers more control in assigning a role to their product, limiting interference with other wireless technologies and allowing Bluetooth Smart products to exchange data more efficiently while maintaining connections with less manual intervention. These updates reflect the demand we have seen in the market to date. We will continue to sculpt Bluetooth wireless technology to extend its critical role in enabling the Internet of Things and to ensure it is the very best solution for OEMs, developers and, ultimately, consumers.

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