Bluetooth Smart Technology Triggers Social Engagement In NYC Beaconcrawl

Posted on May 19, 2014 by Nanci Taplett

aurnhammerDigital design and development team, Aurnhammer, is holding a modernized pub crawl event in lower Manhattan that will be guided and gamified by an interesting layer of Bluetooth® Smart and other mobile technologies. The mobile application, BeaconCrawl, is developed to offer instructions and rewards to event participants.

Beacons are a positioning system of low-cost transmitters that notify nearby mobile devices of their presence using Bluetooth. They will be installed in the BeaconCrawl sponsor venues and various locations along the way to guide users through the crawl, providing challenges, information and enhancing social interaction.

Bill Aurnhammer, CEO of Aurnhammer, shared his opinion on technology, “Bluetooth Smart technology provides the trigger to deliver rich and relevant experiences to a hyper-targeted audience. The BeaconCrawl platform marries these technologies together to drive and enhance social and consumer engagement.”

“These Bluetooth enabled devices are revolutionizing localized advertising and marketing. We continue to look for opportunities to utilize Bluetooth for various client and company projects.” said Donn Gobin, COO of Aurnhammer. “Since we have several clients in the retail, hospitality and entertainment industries this technology is a fantastic compliment because it does not rely of cellular or a wifi connect to work.”

With over 500 million iOS devices and over 50 million apps currently using Bluetooth Smart (, the retail and hospitality industries are quickly adopting the technology to provide better experiences for their customers. There’s a possibility that Apple may develop a service with beacon technology that allows customers to make reservations and payments inside of restaurants from their phones ( This idea, like BeaconCrawl, is an example of how Bluetooth Smart can improve customer interaction and engagement.


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