Bluetooth Pairing Part 4: LE Secure Connetions - Numeric Comparison

Part 3, we had an overview about LE Legacy pairing with passkey. Other than LE Legacy pairing, LE Secure Connections is the other option for pairing. LE Secure Connections is an enhanced security feature introduced in Bluetooth v4.2. It uses a Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant algorithm called Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman (ECDH) for key generation. For LE Secure Connections, it support four association models: Just Works Numeric Comparison (Only for LE Secure Connections) Continue Reading

How to Deploy Bluetooth Secure Gateway on Intel Edison

Bluetooth SIG released an advanced toolkit, the Bluetooth Secure Gateway, last September. With this toolkit, you can learn how to connect your Bluetooth devices to the Internet of Things. The hands-on labs in this kit will help you familiarize yourself with how to set up the popular ARM-based Raspberry Pi2/Pi3 to act as a secure gateway for your Bluetooth low energy devices. I became curious to see if there any other popular dev boards which could run the Bluetooth Secure Gateway aside from one... Continue Reading

Bluetooth 5 is Here

Bluetooth 5

Rejoice developers, Bluetooth 5 has arrived! And with it, a lot of buzz is being generated about its capabilities. I’d like to dive into the meat of some of the more popular features a bit and then talk more about my personal favorite.  Increased Bandwidth One of the key features of Bluetooth 5 is the ability to get 2Msps (mega symbols per second, or megabits when talking in context of low energy for this blog) out of Bluetooth low energy. This is done in the same power envelope as low energy today... Continue Reading

Blue is Local: Supporting Kirkland Startup Weekend

Last weekend, Bluetooth participated in the Kirkland Startup Weekend, an annual event that encourages innovators to collaborate on new ideas. Each year, Kirkland Startup Weekend gives individuals the opportunity to pitch their startup ideas, form teams around top proposals, and then scramble to establish a business model, code, design, and support their concept with market validation. In just 54-hours, this wild event sparks grand ideas for the Internet of Things. Kicking off on Friday, the SIG’s... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Smart Technology Triggers Social Engagement in NYC BeaconCrawl


Digital design and development team, Aurnhammer, is holding a modernized pub crawl event in lower Manhattan that will be guided and gamified by an interesting layer of Bluetooth Smart and other mobile technologies. The mobile application, BeaconCrawl, is developed to offer instructions and rewards to event participants.Beacons are a positioning system of low-cost transmitters that notify nearby mobile devices of their presence using Bluetooth. They will be installed in the BeaconCrawl sponsor venues... Continue Reading

Android Developers! We've Finally Arrived

Android Developers! We've Finally Arrived

Steve HegenderferGoogle I/O 2013 is now officially in the books. There were some pretty interesting things being shown off. Mercedes showed its vision for what in-car navigation and infotainment could be. Nvidia displayed some of their interesting gaming controller ideas (and their new Shield device). Google Glass was everywhere, with a bevy of sessions and developer tracks aimed at exposing devs to the new Glass APIs.The one commonality among all of these topics? Bluetooth technology.Bluetooth... Continue Reading

One Small Step for Android, One Giant Leap for Bluetooth Smart Ready!


I can’t tell you how many times over the past 18 months I’ve heard, “When will Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready be natively supported by Android?” I can finally say today is the day. When Google releases the next version of the Android operating system (OS) within the next few months, it will natively support Bluetooth Smart Ready.There are many winners because of Android’s Smart Ready announcement today—three in particular stand out—Android OEMs, app/appcessory developers, and ultimately... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology – Stronger Than Ever

Bluetooth Technology – Stronger Than Ever

Steve HegenderferMy role at the Bluetooth SIG is two-fold; reduce friction for developers and evangelize the Bluetooth technology platform. I am constantly reading technology articles and hitting developer websites. I came across a couple of interesting articles I wanted to share with you.The first is from Network World contributing author Craig Mathias. He wrote a blog about the virtues of Bluetooth Smart, and how it’s not the same as Classic Bluetooth from the audio world. The article reaffirms... Continue Reading

Bluetooth World: Day Two Wrap Up


After an excellent first day—over 670 attendees and every presentation filled to capacity—we were anxious for day two. Day two was about sitting down with our members to discuss the future of Bluetooth technology and the challenges it faces. From left to right: Suke Jawanda, Stuart Carlaw, Robert Scoble and Tolga LatifOne of those discussions on competition led off with a panel session with Stuart Carlaw, ABI Research, Robert Scoble, Rackspace and Tolga Latif, Linx Technologies. Here are the highlights:Question: Continue Reading