Bluetooth at CES : An IoT for Everyone

Bluetooth at CES and in 2017 - An IoT for Everyone Panel

This year, we had the privilege to host some of the top leaders from the associations, companies, standards, and technologies that are building the Internet of Things (IoT) in a three-panel speaking track at CES 2017. As the IoT continues to grow (and rapidly!), the fight to win the consumer is building un-scalable walls between use cases, crippling adoption, and limiting innovation. In our sessions, we focused on how to overcome these challenges by working together to put the consumer first. We... Continue Reading

Apple Keeps Bluetooth At Its Core


Big news out of Cupertino (or rather, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco) yesterday as Apple unveiled updates to its iPhone line up, an entirely new iPad and the much anticipated update for Apple TV.The new functionality of Apple TV revolves around the completely rethought Apple Remote. The device controls every aspect of the TV, from volume levels to serving as a control for gaming – and, of course, it is powered by Bluetooth Smart technology.Not only does the power efficiency of... Continue Reading

Vote for SXSW Panels – IoT, Beacons, and Security


Now is the time to weigh in on what you want to see at SXSW 2016 by voting for the panels you want featured at next year’s interactive conference. The Bluetooth SIG has three sessions on the hot topics of IoT, beacon technology, and security with insights from industry leaders like IHS Technology, Fortune, Under Armour, Mutual Mobile, Encap Security, and CSID. Voting ends September 4th so be sure to vote for your favorite sessions today!The Smart Security vs. Functionality TradeoffWith more smart... Continue Reading

Window Shopping 2.0: Bluetooth Beacons Hit London’s Regent Street


Whether you were born to shop, or you consider it a necessary evil, we could all use an extra eye when it comes to shopping—a personal shopper, if you will. Someone who knows your interests, style, and can steer you toward deals that scream “you.” Thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology beacons, now London’s Regent Street shoppers do – and the retail industry at large is taking note of the beacon trend.Using Bluetooth Smart low-energy transmitters, the roughly 130 participating stores can detect when... Continue Reading

The Future of Smart Home, with iDevices CEO and Founder, Chris Allen


The Bluetooth SIG caught up with iDevices last week at CES as they launched the iDevices Switch, the world’s first HomeKit-enabled connected plug. Switch allows users to manage their home from wherever they are using the iDevices Connected app and their iDevices Switch. Most notably, users can command Siri to control their home settings, set schedules, or give alerts based on activity. Chris Allen, CEO and founder of iDevices, is a leader in the smart home space. We asked him a few questions about... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Smart Technology is Your New Watchdog


The holidays are upon us and that means campy holiday movies – in particular, Home Alone. Twenty-five years ago, Home Alone made it abundantly clear that home security needed a complete overhaul (and the McCallister’sneeded parenting classes). Just imagine the abbreviated run time if Macaulay Culkin had simply opened an app on his smartphone to get a full picture of his home security system. The fully connected home is still ‘coming soon’, but the good news for Kevin McCallister (and his horrible... Continue Reading

Want a Smart Life? Go Beyond the Smart Home


The connected home is the oft talked about mythical beast of the Internet of Things (IoT). There seem to be an unlimited number of standards, companies, and Kickstarter projects promising to deliver the home automation experience we have been begging for since the Homes of Tomorrow exhibit hit the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933. But what we are seeing delivered right now barely scratches the surface of what a truly smart home, and life, could look like.In reality, connected home devices must have... Continue Reading

Windows 10 Makes Bluetooth Smart Magic


Windows 10 was announced earlier this week - it is an exciting move for Microsoft that’s been years in the making, and it will be interesting to see how developers gravitate towards a common operating system (OS) and development platform that transcends phones, tablets and PCs. Two things are certain, with Windows 10, Microsoft made building with Bluetooth technology easier for developers and the magic it can deliver even more accessible for consumers.Windows 10 builds on the Bluetooth Smart Ready... Continue Reading

Research Confirms Bluetooth Technology Thriving in Industrial Automation


connectBlue at www.connectblue.comOver the years and around the world, Bluetooth technology became synonymous with consumer wireless technology. Now, very quietly, Bluetooth is one of the preferred technologies in the industrial automation space. According to a recent IMS report, this preference by industrial customers will grow even stronger over the next five years. Replacing bulky wires with a wireless technology is a trend occurring for some time now. Bluetooth is an industrial grade technology... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology Makes Home Life Easier

Bluetooth Technology Makes Home Life Easier

Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart technology are all about connections—connecting things to things, devices to applications and, with the recent Google announcement, connecting your information to the cloud—to enable the Internet of Things. “It has really been phenomenal to watch Bluetooth Smart drive the creation of a whole new class of far-reaching solutions for the Internet of My Things. “This growth is set to continue, as Bluetooth Smart is a leading choice for low-power solutions that need to communicate... Continue Reading