Blue is Local: Supporting Kirkland Startup Weekend

Last weekend, Bluetooth participated in the Kirkland Startup Weekend, an annual event that encourages innovators to collaborate on new ideas. Each year, Kirkland Startup Weekend gives individuals the opportunity to pitch their startup ideas, form teams around top proposals, and then scramble to establish a business model, code, design, and support their concept with market validation. In just 54-hours, this wild event sparks grand ideas for the Internet of Things. Kicking off on Friday, the SIG’s... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Supports Rapid IoT Growth in China

With $14.4 trillion projected industry growth over the next decade and $1.7 trillion in the next five years there’s a lot of money to be made in the IoT! ABI Research also predicts there will be 14 billion Bluetooth devices by 2020 and China is helping it get there. With nearly all phones and tablets containing Bluetooth, consumers and enterprises have a ready user interface to the IoT. China Poised for Growth In the rapidly growing Chinese market, the IoT is poised to explode. I recently traveled... Continue Reading

Smart Lighting Hits the Road at Discover Blue


What comes to mind when you think of smart lighting? A commercial building? A home? Probably not bike lights, but that’s exactly what See.Sense wanted to create. Its mission: to enhance the safety, performance and enjoyment of cycling by bringing technology to the cutting edge of cycling design.Co-founder and CEO, Philip McAleese, used his skills in electronic and software design create a bicycle light that used sensor technology to improve his visibility to cars. He brought a set of these intelligent... Continue Reading

Vote For Your Favorite Bluetooth SXSW 2017 Panels


We love SXSW!It's time to vote for the South by Southwest sessions you want to see showcased in 2017. The massive, 10-day conference and festival is held each year in Austin, Texas. Last year, nearly 100,000 thought leaders and innovative companies attended SXSW, including the Bluetooth SIG. For 2017, we submitted four engaging sessions, each exploring a different avenue of how Bluetooth impacts our world. We are asking you to help us by casting your vote by Friday, 2 September.To vote, simply log... Continue Reading

Solving the World's Challenges with Bluetooth


It’s that time of year where we begin collecting entries for the Imagine Blue Awards. The Imagine Blue Awards highlights the work and imaginations of creators, developers, designers, and students who are using Bluetooth technology to push the boundaries of wireless connectivity to solve the world’s biggest challenges.Since launching the awards in 2013, we’ve seen some incredible technology and ideas from all parts of the world. We’ve had a Bluetooth enabled asthma inhaler, basketball, prosthetic, Continue Reading

Bluetooth 5 Rocks Discover Blue: London


Discover Blue Hits LondonAt the Bluetooth SIG, we talk a lot about how Bluetooth technology opens up more possibilities for companies and developers to build an accessible and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT). Which is why it’s always exciting when our Discover Blue media events roll around and we actually get to see and play with the cool IoT gadgets and solutions that our members are creating.Discover Blue hit London for the third time in the UK. Eight of EMEA’s most innovative SIG member... Continue Reading

At Home, In the Car, and Anywhere You Can Imagine


As we highlighted in an earlier blog discussing our recent consumer survey, Bluetooth technology is widely available, offers seamless interoperability, and “just works”—all of which makes it a go-to for consumers when it comes to streaming audio at home, connecting accessories to their computers, and other “basic” wireless functionality. What we didn’t touch on, however, was the wide range of increasingly complex IoT use cases consumers are starting to demand of their wireless technology. The good... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Brand Perception: Beacons Directing the Sirens


How many times have you owned a gadget, used it for a long time, felt very comfortable with it and thought you knew all its features and functionality. Then a friend comes along, flicks a button on the side, and you exclaim, “I never knew it could do THAT!”If that sounds familiar, then based on our 2016 Brand Perception report, consumer attitudes towards Bluetooth technology are in a similar place.Awareness of Bluetooth has never been higher, and knowledge of the technology and its uses has also... Continue Reading

Consumer Survey Highlights Necessity of Bluetooth Technology


For the Internet of Things (IoT) to function, it needs to be widely accessible. Not just by people, but device-to-device accessibility as well. That’s why, for the last five years, the Bluetooth SIG has been on a mission to work with creators, listen to consumers, and advance Bluetooth technology in such a way as to support and inspire the future of the IoT. A recent survey Lux Insights, Inc. conducted on consumer awareness and expectations around wireless connectivity showed Bluetooth is hitting... Continue Reading

it's a new blue


It’s been almost 20 years since the advent of Bluetooth technology and since then it has transformed the way we live, work and play. From its roots in audio and consumer electronics, Bluetooth has grown into something much bigger. Yes, Bluetooth started the wearables revolution by making it easy to connect your smart phone to a fitness tracker or smart watch. Yes, Bluetooth brought the smart home of the future that much closer to reality today. And yes, Bluetooth is changing the way we experience... Continue Reading