The Original Wearable Gets a Bluetooth Makeover

Innovation is one of the most exciting things about wireless technology, and it can come from anywhere. At CES this year, we had the opportunity to see cutting-edge applications and creative thinking from both startups and time-honored brands. Wearables are all the rage right now, offered by dozens or hundreds of different brands, but don’t think the creators of one of the original kinds of wearables aren’t in on the game: Timex is innovating right alongside the rest. For people who like the idea... Continue Reading

Olympians Harness Bluetooth Technology


This year’s Olympic Games in Rio were more than just a sporting event. It was a technology showcase featuring the latest and greatest innovations, including Bluetooth beacons and a wide variety of wearables. The US Olympic Committee’s Director of Technology and Innovation, Mounir Zok, even called the 2016 Olympic Games “the first wearable technology games.” Cutting-edge technologies from smart eye wear to wearable payment devices amplified the Olympic experience for both attendees and Olympians. Continue Reading

Motorcyclists Hit the Open Road with Bluetooth Handlebar Remote


Outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe have embraced innovative hands-free Bluetooth technology that lets them pursue their activities and still have access to music, GPS, and communications. For motorcyclists, Bluetooth has changed the riding experience for good, and Sena is at the heart of that revolution with a full range of integrated Bluetooth headsets, microphones, intercoms, radio adapters, and cameras. Now Sena has made its communication systems even safer and easier to use with a Bluetooth... Continue Reading

Don’t Get Burned: Bluetooth Keeps Sunbathers Safe


It happens to the best of us. To prepare for a beach day, you apply sunscreen like a champ, but at the end of the day you still find yourself a little on the pink side. Sound familiar?No worries. If French company Spinali Design has any say in the matter, sunburn may soon be a thing of the past—and they can thank Bluetooth technology for it, too. A small, waterproof UV sensor attached to one- and two-piece suits can actually detect when your tipping point has arrived before you’re at risk for sunburn. Continue Reading

Thumbs Up on this Bluetooth Thumbnail Trackpad


We love keeping tabs on the innovative ways that Bluetooth technology is blending with sportswear and fashion pieces to create an exciting new world of wearable technology. But once in a while a device comes along that goes a step beyond, offering us a tantalizing glimpse into a whole new future of wearables.That’s the case with NailO, a recent prototype developed by MIT students that transforms your fingernail into a wireless mouse. The device resembles a slightly oversized artificial nail that... Continue Reading

Chew on This: Bluetooth Mouth Guard Detects Grinding


With most habits, you’re consciously aware of them. Not so with tooth grinding, which happens when you’re asleep. In fact, the best way to detect whether you’re one of the 30 million Americans who grinds their teeth—which can cause tooth damage, headaches, and jaw pain—is to enter a sleep clinic overnight. And we don’t blame you if that’s not on the top of your to-do list…But that may all soon change: A new Bluetooth technology mouth guard lets you know whether you’re grinding your teeth at night—and... Continue Reading

Woolley's Wearables - Android & Bluetooth Part 2


Introduction Wearable technology is taking off and taking various forms, from watches to activity trackers to smart wigs (no, I didn’t just make that last one up!) And Bluetooth Smart is right at the centre of the action. This is the second part of a series of articles on the Android Wear operating system and an exploration of the way developers can exploit it to deliver application experiences right to the user’s wrist (or ear or head or neck etc!). Part 1 looked at the use of standard and extended... Continue Reading

Woolley’s Wearables – Android & Bluetooth


Introduction The market for smart wearable technology is forecast to grow by over 500% in 2015 compared with 2014, with vendors shipping over 25 million units[1>. Bluetooth Smart is integral to many of these devices, providing users with a seamless, “just works” connected experience. Wearable devices, smartphones and cloud-based Internet services can all work together with no explicit action or special knowledge required on the part of the user. Yes, it really is just like magic! In my series of... Continue Reading

Get Your Hipster On with Bluetooth Beanie


You may have the vintage clothing, retro glasses (with or without lenses), and a local-sustainable-organic-vegan-gluten-free muffin—but you’re no hipster without the beanie. And what good is a beanie if it interferes with your ability to listen to Radiohead as you ride your fixie to the local co-op for a fair-trade coffee?Chillax. TRNDlabs has you covered.Now you can keep your fashionably messy-haired head warm with a stylish new Bluetooth Beanie that lets you listen to music or take calls almost... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology May Aid Medical Workers in Ebola Zones


Last year’s Ebola outbreak left an unprecedented number of healthcare workers infected. According to the World Health Organization, the virus killed nearly 500 medical professionals in West Africa. Add to that the first-ever Ebola diagnosis and death in the U.S., which then infected two nurses, and the medical community was left scrambling to solve the dilemma: How do they continue to care for patients while ensuring their staff is safe?One answer may be a Bluetooth enabled wearable sensor, similar... Continue Reading