Bluetooth® 5 Arrives in Smartphones, Improving the Connections You Know and Love.

Bluetooth 5

Today, a mere five months after we formally adopted Bluetooth 5, the Samsung Galaxy S8 became the first smartphone to ship to consumers using the technology. To learn more, we recommend reading Computer Weekly's David McClelland’s great assessment of Bluetooth 5, its benefits, and what’s next, based on an interview with our own Steve Hegenderfer. So, what is next? Before we talk about where we are going, let’s talk about where we’ve been. Since its inception, Bluetooth technology has been in the... Continue Reading

With New Bluetooth Antenna, You Can Go Off-the-Grid but not Out-of-Touch

With New Bluetooth Antenna, You Can Go Off-the-Grid but not Out-of-Touch

We’ve all experienced the 21st century panic when our cell phone suddenly doesn’t have a signal. And it always seems to happen in the worst possible situations: when you’re far off the beaten trail, lost in a crowd, or in the eye of the storm. But for those who take the motto “be prepared” to heart, there’s a new option.The goTenna is a small, portable Bluetooth technology antenna that wirelessly connects to your smartphone and generates a long-range, point-to-point VHF radio signal that can be... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Provides Advanced Warning for IBS Sufferers


It may sound like a joke, but for people who suffer from incontinence or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)—or care for those who do—getting to a toilet in time is no laughing matter. For those individuals, a new wearable device with Bluetooth Smart technology may be a life changer.The D Free is a matchbook-sized device that adheres to a person’s abdomen so that its sensors can detect intestinal movement or swelling before the individual may be aware of it. Using low-power, reliable Bluetooth Smart... Continue Reading

Be Still My Beating Heart: Electronic Stethoscope with Bluetooth Changes Healthcare—and Music


The basic technology behind the stethoscope hasn’t changed much since its invention in 1816. Nearly 150 years later, electronic stethoscopes took a shot at improving the basic design using an electronic amplifier and microphone, but those efforts didn’t go far—until today.3M Littmann’s electronic stethoscopes have fundamentally changed how these familiar tools are used. New amplification and ambient noise reduction technologies reduce background noise so that critical body sounds can be heard for... Continue Reading

Smart Cane with Bluetooth Communication Helps Blind Users Recognize Family and Friends


The addition of facial recognition, GPS, and Bluetooth Smart technologies to the traditional white cane may make a big difference in the lives of the seeing-impaired. Students at Birmingham City University have developed the XploR model of smart mobility cane that aids navigation using GPS and can recognize familiar faces from up to 10 meters away using smartphone technology for facial recognition. The cane vibrates when it detects a recognizable image from those stored on an internal SD memory... Continue Reading

Motorcyclists Hit the Open Road with Bluetooth Handlebar Remote


Outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe have embraced innovative hands-free Bluetooth technology that lets them pursue their activities and still have access to music, GPS, and communications. For motorcyclists, Bluetooth has changed the riding experience for good, and Sena is at the heart of that revolution with a full range of integrated Bluetooth headsets, microphones, intercoms, radio adapters, and cameras. Now Sena has made its communication systems even safer and easier to use with a Bluetooth... Continue Reading

Don’t Get Burned: Bluetooth Keeps Sunbathers Safe


It happens to the best of us. To prepare for a beach day, you apply sunscreen like a champ, but at the end of the day you still find yourself a little on the pink side. Sound familiar?No worries. If French company Spinali Design has any say in the matter, sunburn may soon be a thing of the past—and they can thank Bluetooth technology for it, too. A small, waterproof UV sensor attached to one- and two-piece suits can actually detect when your tipping point has arrived before you’re at risk for sunburn. Continue Reading

Bluetooth Security 101

Bluetooth Security 101

Over three billion Bluetooth products will ship this year, with nearly five billion projected to ship by 2019. That’s a lot of Bluetooth devices being used for a wide variety of applications – in cars, consumer electronics, personal computers, health and fitness products, wearables, smartphones, and more. It’s no wonder that privacy and security concerns are top of mind for consumers like you.By 2017, the average consumer will own five connected devices, so it’s understandable that consumers are... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Enhances Wireless Charging with a Glowing Experience


Wireless smartphone charging isn’t new, but it is getting smarter. And Bluetooth Smart technology is helping.The new DT-903 smart wireless charging plate from Nokia and Microsoft communicates with your Lumia Windows smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth pairing is quick and easy using NFC and you can customize your DT-903 through the smartphone app.That’s when the fun starts.If your nearby phone has less than a 30% charge, the DT-903’s LED “breathes”—emitting a slow pulsing glow to let... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Developer Studio 1.0 – Released!


When I first joined the Bluetooth SIG, although I was a wireless developer, I wasn’t familiar with the ins and outs of Bluetooth technology. I immersed myself by trying to read over 3,000 pages of specification guidelines (still not finished) to learn the development process for both adopted and custom profiles—and what tools were available—with the ultimate goal of understanding how to implement the technology. The bottom line was it took me a long time to figure it out (this may, of course, be... Continue Reading