Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Ashton Cofer

When a family friend fell asleep at the wheel and narrowly escaped a collision with a truck, 14-year-old Ashton Cofer was inspired to try to prevent drowsy driving. His inspiration led to the development of Arrive Awake – Arrive Alive, a finalist in this year’s Student Category for the Imagine Blue program. Initial research informed Ashton that, while drowsy driving causes hundreds of thousands of accidents every year, there aren’t any good solutions for it. “Existing solutions are ineffective because... Continue Reading

At Home, In the Car, and Anywhere You Can Imagine


As we highlighted in an earlier blog discussing our recent consumer survey, Bluetooth technology is widely available, offers seamless interoperability, and “just works”—all of which makes it a go-to for consumers when it comes to streaming audio at home, connecting accessories to their computers, and other “basic” wireless functionality. What we didn’t touch on, however, was the wide range of increasingly complex IoT use cases consumers are starting to demand of their wireless technology. The good... Continue Reading

Smartphone Thumb Controls Use Bluetooth Technology to Aid the Visually Impaired (and Distracted Drivers)


It’s not often we see a product targeted to two such diverse audiences as the visually impaired and distracted drivers. But the Ray GO Bluetooth remote device offers interesting advantages to both, with hand- and eye-free smartphone control.The Ray GO uses Bluetooth low energy technology to control a range of common smartphone applications with a simple raised thumb selection and voice interaction—there’s no need to see the screen. Ray Go clips onto a cane or guide dog leash—even onto a steering... Continue Reading

Washington State DOT Monitors Traffic with Bluetooth Technology


The average American driver wastes 38 hours sitting in traffic and it is a major headache for those of us in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle scored number eight on the INRIX Traffic Scorecard. Seattle is one of the most congested metro areas in the nation and has some of the most congested individual roads in the entire country. Among these was a nine-mile, southbound stretch of Interstate 5 by Joint Base Lewis-McChord, which ranked as the 11th most congested corridor in the nation in 2012.Washdot, Continue Reading

Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards—Application Finalists


Track Team Performance with Bluetooth SmartPolar Team app (Polar Electro Oy)—Polar Team is a unique solution for tracking performance, intensity and heart rate for an entire team. Using Bluetooth Smart technology, the transmission range of the sensors covers a large arena to track data and send it to the user-friendly iPad app. Visit the website Phone and Car Become One with Bluetooth SmartAutomatic (Automatic Labs)—this app connects your car's on-board computer and iPhone through a small hardware... Continue Reading

SafeRide Looks to Make Driving Safer


Scott Rownin is an inventor. He sees problems and creates solutions. That is what happened with his latest venture, SafeRide. I recently interviewed Scott about the new product and his Indiegogo campaign. Tell me about SafeRide? Why did you decide to develop the product in the first place?As far back as I can remember, I have been conceptualizing and inventing new products. In most cases, there is a problem that I see and I look for a new solution. With SafeRide, I see people using their phones... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology Makes Driving Even Safer


Beyond Bluetooth enabled headsets comes a new technology to keep drivers even safer. Introduced by Telogis, Inc., the system prevents drivers from accessing mobile devices while driving. The technology uses a Bluetooth enabled trigger unit to block “calls, emails, texts and Internet access on mobile phones, tablets or laptops running Android, iOS or Blackberry operating systems.” Right now, the Telogis Distracted Driving Solution is aimed at company fleets of commercial vehicles to help compliance... Continue Reading

New Bluetooth Speaker Fits in Your Cup Holder


At the Bluetooth SIG, we see a lot of Bluetooth enabled speakers, as Bluetooth is the technology of choice for audio makers. The speeCup is a new form factor that offers gesture controls and good sound. The speaker looks like a Venti cup from your favorite coffee shop. The speaker is voice enabled and uses gesture controls to play music or answer phone calls from your car’s cup holder or in your home or office. It’s a completely portable Bluetooth speaker but also has an audio out and auxiliary... Continue Reading

Keyed Up with Bluetooth Technology


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could turn your smartphone into a digital key to access secured objects? Now you can. baimos technologies introduced its BlueID Software Development Kit a few weeks ago. BlueID allows developers to quickly, easily and inexpensively integrate physical access by smartphone into Google Android and Apple iOS apps. BlueID is capable of handling all essential authorization management processes from rights allocation to command execution—and it’s all done via Bluetooth Smart... Continue Reading

Driving into the future with Bluetooth technology


We hear about a lot of new Bluetooth products here at the Bluetooth SIG. Every once in a while a new one comes along that stands out as totally unique. Such is the case with Pioneer’s Cyber Navi glasses, which the company claims is the world’s first heads-up display system for drivers.The Cyber Navi “windscreen” is about the size of a rear-view mirror. It mounts on the inside of a car’s windshield, where a driver can peer through it to see an overlay of color maps and navigation information on top... Continue Reading