Beacon Technology with Bluetooth 5

Estimote Beacons

Some of the applications of the Internet of Things are easy for anyone to understand and appreciate, like smart watches or fitness bands, while others require imagination and vision to fully grasp. The latter, like beacon technology, signify our emergence into what was previously only a science-fiction world. Jakub Krzych is the CEO and co-founder of Estimote, makers of some of the beacon devices that are creating this transition. Estimote’s beacons, which come in size Small and Even Smaller, allow... Continue Reading

Exploring Bluetooth 5 - What's new in Advertising?

Bluetooth 5

Staring at the P-51 Mustang, you ponder its history.... Dangerous missions escorting bombers, dogfights, battles with the Luftwaffe.... Turning your head, you see a Curtis P-40 across the way. As you walk over to take a closer look, you hear an unsettling whistle followed by the roar of a radial engine. Looking up you see a gull winged Corsair hanging in mid-dive. Feeling a thump on your wrist, you read “Air driving across the engine air inlets at high speed produced an eerie whistle. The Corsair... Continue Reading

Bluetooth 5 Rocks Discover Blue: London


Discover Blue Hits LondonAt the Bluetooth SIG, we talk a lot about how Bluetooth technology opens up more possibilities for companies and developers to build an accessible and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT). Which is why it’s always exciting when our Discover Blue media events roll around and we actually get to see and play with the cool IoT gadgets and solutions that our members are creating.Discover Blue hit London for the third time in the UK. Eight of EMEA’s most innovative SIG member... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Brand Perception: Beacons Directing the Sirens


How many times have you owned a gadget, used it for a long time, felt very comfortable with it and thought you knew all its features and functionality. Then a friend comes along, flicks a button on the side, and you exclaim, “I never knew it could do THAT!”If that sounds familiar, then based on our 2016 Brand Perception report, consumer attitudes towards Bluetooth technology are in a similar place.Awareness of Bluetooth has never been higher, and knowledge of the technology and its uses has also... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology and the Physical Web


Much has been written about Bluetooth beacons and in fact, I wrote a three-part series last year—read part one here. In the past, applications of beacons tended to use either Apple’s iBeacon™ data format or the AltBeacon format from Radius Networks. These two beacon types and the way they are used by developers are very similar. Google meanwhile has been taking a fresh and different look at Bluetooth beacons under the banner of their Physical Web project and last year released details of their new... Continue Reading

Your Bus Is Here: Bluetooth Beacons Help Visually Impaired Navigate Public Transport


We love hearing about cutting-edge applications of Bluetooth technology that makes all of our lives easier. But we’re especially excited when we see Bluetooth used to help people who have special needs. That’s the case with a new public transport program that is helping guide the blind in Bucharest.Beacons—installed in 500 buses and trolleys around Romania’s capital city—are helping the visually impaired ride and transfer buses without needing assistance, using Bluetooth proximity sensing to transmit... Continue Reading

Proximity and RSSI


When developing proximity related Bluetooth applications, sometimes the developers need to deal with different measurements for the signal strength—like should I use RX or RSSI in my application? First, let’s review the basic concept of radio-frequency (RF) communication and then we can have a better understanding of this question and a possible answer.What are RX and RSSI?In RT communication, we use RX and RSSI to measure the radio signal strength. Both RX and RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) Continue Reading

Vote for SXSW Panels – IoT, Beacons, and Security


Now is the time to weigh in on what you want to see at SXSW 2016 by voting for the panels you want featured at next year’s interactive conference. The Bluetooth SIG has three sessions on the hot topics of IoT, beacon technology, and security with insights from industry leaders like IHS Technology, Fortune, Under Armour, Mutual Mobile, Encap Security, and CSID. Voting ends September 4th so be sure to vote for your favorite sessions today!The Smart Security vs. Functionality TradeoffWith more smart... Continue Reading

Get Your Beac On – Part 3


IntroductionIn part one and part two, I described some of the key issues for developers of beacon applications, introduced the AltBeacon advertising format and reviewed a prototype Android museum guide application using the AltBeacon Android API. In this third part, I’ll describe how I tested the museum guide application.Roll Your Own BeaconI don’t have any ready-made beacons which use the AltBeacon format in my collection of Bluetooth development equipment (although continue to watch the tools... Continue Reading