Now That’s a Fish Story

The Internet of Things extends further every day—almost anywhere imaginable. Now, it extends to your favorite fishing hole, too. At CES this year, as we delved into the new and exciting ways Bluetooth technology is being used to make the world a more connected place, we chatted with Nic Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of Anglr Labs. Nic is a fisherman, and after a friendly argument about how many fish he and his friends had caught one day, he was inspired to develop a technology-based way to stop all... Continue Reading

Consumer Survey Highlights Necessity of Bluetooth Technology


For the Internet of Things (IoT) to function, it needs to be widely accessible. Not just by people, but device-to-device accessibility as well. That’s why, for the last five years, the Bluetooth SIG has been on a mission to work with creators, listen to consumers, and advance Bluetooth technology in such a way as to support and inspire the future of the IoT. A recent survey Lux Insights, Inc. conducted on consumer awareness and expectations around wireless connectivity showed Bluetooth is hitting... Continue Reading

With New Bluetooth Antenna, You Can Go Off-the-Grid but not Out-of-Touch

With New Bluetooth Antenna, You Can Go Off-the-Grid but not Out-of-Touch

We’ve all experienced the 21st century panic when our cell phone suddenly doesn’t have a signal. And it always seems to happen in the worst possible situations: when you’re far off the beaten trail, lost in a crowd, or in the eye of the storm. But for those who take the motto “be prepared” to heart, there’s a new option.The goTenna is a small, portable Bluetooth technology antenna that wirelessly connects to your smartphone and generates a long-range, point-to-point VHF radio signal that can be... Continue Reading

Don’t Get Burned: Bluetooth Keeps Sunbathers Safe


It happens to the best of us. To prepare for a beach day, you apply sunscreen like a champ, but at the end of the day you still find yourself a little on the pink side. Sound familiar?No worries. If French company Spinali Design has any say in the matter, sunburn may soon be a thing of the past—and they can thank Bluetooth technology for it, too. A small, waterproof UV sensor attached to one- and two-piece suits can actually detect when your tipping point has arrived before you’re at risk for sunburn. Continue Reading

Window Shopping 2.0: Bluetooth Beacons Hit London’s Regent Street


Whether you were born to shop, or you consider it a necessary evil, we could all use an extra eye when it comes to shopping—a personal shopper, if you will. Someone who knows your interests, style, and can steer you toward deals that scream “you.” Thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology beacons, now London’s Regent Street shoppers do – and the retail industry at large is taking note of the beacon trend.Using Bluetooth Smart low-energy transmitters, the roughly 130 participating stores can detect when... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Baby Tech is Helping Parents Get Smarter

Bluetooth Baby Tech is Helping Parents Get Smarter

With CES and MWC this year being dominated by smartwatch launches, it’s quite easy to only read the headlines and miss the smaller trends. One area in particular that has recently gone from taking its first steps to huge leaps forward is baby tech. Raising a child can be one of the most demanding and challenging life experiences, and these innovative companies are using Bluetooth technology to make the ride a little balance shopNapTimeThe first 18 months of parenting is arguably the... Continue Reading

Apple Makes Big Bet on Bluetooth Technology


Phil Schiller: “This is the vision of the future of the notebook: one of extreme portability. Everything is wireless.”From its keynote yesterday, Apple introduced the new MacBook, shared more details on Apple Watch, and discussed a new platform, ResearchKit. All of these announcements shared a common thread – Bluetooth wireless technology.For ResearchKit, Bluetooth plays the essential role of connecting the iPhone, the hub device for data collection and reporting, to thousands of medical peripheral... Continue Reading

The Future of Smart Home, with iDevices CEO and Founder, Chris Allen


The Bluetooth SIG caught up with iDevices last week at CES as they launched the iDevices Switch, the world’s first HomeKit-enabled connected plug. Switch allows users to manage their home from wherever they are using the iDevices Connected app and their iDevices Switch. Most notably, users can command Siri to control their home settings, set schedules, or give alerts based on activity. Chris Allen, CEO and founder of iDevices, is a leader in the smart home space. We asked him a few questions about... Continue Reading

One More Thing....


The Apple Watch, announced yesterday from Cupertino, was not the first smart watch launched this year, and certainly not the first wearable. We’ve seen a flood of smart watches introduced—the Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear S, and Intel’s Basis Peak, not to mention hints of products from Microsoft and Acer—and those are just the watches. If we start looking at the wearable market as a whole, there are fitness trackers, glasses, sleep trackers, sports bras, socks—it’s an extensive list. Xiaomi, Continue Reading

Bluetooth Enabled Toys Makes Christmas More Exciting


Christmas is right around the corner and there are a couple of cool new Bluetooth Smart technology enabled toys for the kids. The first one is by Axpro. The U14 Free Kick is a robotic soccer player that kicks a ball against a group of defenders. You make a swipe on the app to determine power and direction of the kick. Watch the Endgaget video to see how it’s done. LEGOs take on a new life with SmartBrick. The SmartBrick is a Bluetooth Smart receiver for LEGO Technics replacing the current infrared... Continue Reading