Bluetooth® 5 Arrives in Smartphones, Improving the Connections You Know and Love.

Bluetooth 5

Today, a mere five months after we formally adopted Bluetooth 5, the Samsung Galaxy S8 became the first smartphone to ship to consumers using the technology. To learn more, we recommend reading Computer Weekly's David McClelland’s great assessment of Bluetooth 5, its benefits, and what’s next, based on an interview with our own Steve Hegenderfer. So, what is next? Before we talk about where we are going, let’s talk about where we’ve been. Since its inception, Bluetooth technology has been in the... Continue Reading

Tail-Wagging Wearable Wins Big

LINK AKC Bluetooth enabled collar

For centuries, poets, novelists, songwriters, filmmakers, and many others have tried to describe the intricate love and trust of the human-canine relationship, with varying degrees of success. But rather than describe it, one technology innovator has developed a device to strengthen and enhance that relationship. We chatted with Herbie Calves, CMO of Link AKC, which makes a Bluetooth- and GPS -enabled collar for humankind's best friend. Check out our conversation, in which Herbie describes how the... Continue Reading

Now That’s a Fish Story

The Internet of Things extends further every day—almost anywhere imaginable. Now, it extends to your favorite fishing hole, too. At CES this year, as we delved into the new and exciting ways Bluetooth technology is being used to make the world a more connected place, we chatted with Nic Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of Anglr Labs. Nic is a fisherman, and after a friendly argument about how many fish he and his friends had caught one day, he was inspired to develop a technology-based way to stop all... Continue Reading

ABI Research Forecasts a Bright Bluetooth Future

sunrise over mountains

It’s been a pivotal year for Bluetooth technology, and a recent report published by ABI Research indicates that Bluetooth will continue to catalyze the IoT for years to come. ABI forecasts that Bluetooth devices will break 5 billionshipments by 2021 as new opportunities, use cases, and device types open up to meet developer and consumer demands. “While smartphones and audio accessories remain Bluetooth’s largest markets, the technology is becoming more attractive to low-power IoT applications,” Continue Reading

GigaOM Mobilize and Bluetooth® Technology Connecting Everything


Recently, Suke Jawanda gave an interview at GigaOM Mobilize. GigaOM Mobilize brought together top-notch attendees across media, startups, and major companies to discuss and collaborate on the Internet of Things and the new era of connectivity, in which Bluetooth Smart technology is a major player.Watch Suke's Interview  Continue Reading

FAA Clears Bluetooth Technology for Takeoff


News from the FAA this week gives airlines the green light to expand passenger use of wireless – including Bluetooth technology – during all phases of a flight. This update to the 50-year-old policy is good news for travelers, and as a frequent traveler, I appreciate the ability to use my Bluetooth keyboard while working on my tablet mid-flight. What this now-opened door really signals is how far the wireless industry has come to enable ubiquitous wireless use.It wasn’t too long ago we were told... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards—Finalists Announced

It’s been another incredible year for Bluetooth technology innovation. This was definitely apparent from the hundreds of companies entering this year’s Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards. Congratulations to our finalists who stood out amongst the stiff competition—Asthmapolis, FMC, LUMO BodyTech, MapMyFitness, Novalia, Orbotix, Parrot, Swissmed Mobile, Tethercell, Weartech, and zSmart.A main theme among finalists was bringing disconnected devices into the connected world... One innovation story comes... Continue Reading

Fitbit adds Bluetooth to its new activity monitors


The Fitbit One can sync activity data to a smartphone or tabletFitbit helped popularize the market for small devices you carry around with you to measure your steps, calories burned, distance covered, and other daily activities. Now it's unveiled two new Fitbit devices that add Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly sync your activity measurements to an iPhone, iPad, and soon to Android smartphones and tablets.The $60 Fitbit Zip contains a small screen that displays your basic activity measurements, while... Continue Reading

Amazon brings Kindle Fire into the Bluetooth ecosystem


When Amazon unveiled its new Kindle Fire HD tablets this week, it brought a raft of new possibilities to the popular e-reader device, including the addition of Bluetooth technology. Like the Apple iPad and Android tablets, the new Kindle Fire HD will now be able to connect to billions of Bluetooth devices already on the market.Because so many Kindle buyers use their tablet to listen to movies and music sold by Amazon, one of the most popular Bluetooth accessories for the new tablets is likely to... Continue Reading

JBL announces TV sound bars with Bluetooth


JBL has taken its TV sound bars a step further than other manufacturers by adding Bluetooth to two new models.The Cinema SB400 ($549) and Cinema SB200 ($299) allow you to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Bluetooth device. They also handle the main function of a sound bar -- improving on the typically weak speakers built into most flat-panel TVs.The SB200 features dual 3-1/2-inch (89-millimeter) cone woofers, two 1-inch (25-millimeter) dome tweeters, a built-in... Continue Reading