Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Gary Dusek

Forty-three-year-old Gary Dusek is exemplary of the kind of dedication and creativity that goes into becoming an Imagine Blue student finalist. "I returned to school later in life," he says, "to learn and explore lifelong interests in environmental science, sustainability, and design. I earned my high school diploma in 2016, as well as my Associates degree in Fine Arts/Design, and I am now a sophomore in the BFA Interior Design program at The New School." Deeply interested in sustainability and... Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Kento Sasamoto

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making our lives easier in many ways, connecting the devices and objects we use daily so that our worlds function more smoothly. There are many ways we can control those connected devices, from computers to smartphones, but those methods can have their limitations—for anyone, but especially for people with various disabilities. Enter the MagicKnock: a device that allows one to control connected devices with a simple knocking sound that can be made with fingertips, Continue Reading

Tail-Wagging Wearable Wins Big

LINK AKC Bluetooth enabled collar

For centuries, poets, novelists, songwriters, filmmakers, and many others have tried to describe the intricate love and trust of the human-canine relationship, with varying degrees of success. But rather than describe it, one technology innovator has developed a device to strengthen and enhance that relationship. We chatted with Herbie Calves, CMO of Link AKC, which makes a Bluetooth- and GPS -enabled collar for humankind's best friend. Check out our conversation, in which Herbie describes how the... Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Ashton Cofer

When a family friend fell asleep at the wheel and narrowly escaped a collision with a truck, 14-year-old Ashton Cofer was inspired to try to prevent drowsy driving. His inspiration led to the development of Arrive Awake – Arrive Alive, a finalist in this year’s Student Category for the Imagine Blue program. Initial research informed Ashton that, while drowsy driving causes hundreds of thousands of accidents every year, there aren’t any good solutions for it. “Existing solutions are ineffective because... Continue Reading

Battling Beasts with Bluetooth Board Games

Update: Sensible Objects recently attended Discover Blue: London where they showed off its Bluetooth game, Beasts of Balance. read the Q&A and watch the video to see this physical, and virtual, world game.  Board games have been enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years. From age-old favourite Monopoly to more recent classics such as Settlers of Catan, sitting around a table to play games is back in vogue. And for lovers of games like Jenga, there’s a new kid on the block, and he’s sporting Bluetooth technology. Continue Reading

The BBC Robot Wars micro:bit Coding Challenge


Robot Wars is a BBC TV show featuring robots...and war.Robot Wars works like this. Contestants, usually teams of two or more, build awe-inspiring, battling robots. They bring them on the show and fight other contestants’ robots in a purpose-built arena—all the time keeping an eye open for the fearsome and deadly house robots. You win a bout by immobilsing (e.g. by completely destroying) all the other robots or, if no clear winner emerges when time runs out, by judges’ decision. The judges assess... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Breakthrough Award Students Catalyze The Future of Human Innovation

Bluetooth Breakthrough Award Students Catalyze The Future of Human Innovation

Congratulations to our 2016 Bluetooth Breakthrough Award student winner, Sanjana Shah, and runner-up, Josh Kaplan, for their dedication and passion for technological innovation to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Sanjana will receive a $5,000 cash prize to further her project and bring it to life, and Josh will receive a developer kit to empower him to continue to build and innovate for the future.Fourteen-year-old Sanjana Shah’s passion for solving problems with technology came to life in... Continue Reading

Launching the BBC micro:bit


Today I had the honour of attending the official launch of the BBC micro:bit at the London Stock Exchange. The micro:bit is a small, programmable device equipped with buttons, an LED display, an edge connector, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, an internal temperature sensor and (saving the best until last) Bluetooth with low energy functionality. The BBC’s Howard Baker conceived the micro:bit some years ago in response to UK government reports flagging that school kids were lagging behind in their... Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Sanjana Shah


There were roughly 10 billion “things” connected to the Internet at the end of 2015, and it is projected that this number will jump to 34 billion devices by 2020. With such significant growth in connected devices—and, with it, our insight into the data around us and its impact on our environment—it’s no wonder that governments are expected to turn to the IoT to increase productivity, decrease costs, and improve the quality of life. According to some reports, governments will be the second-largest... Continue Reading

A Flame Starts with a Spark


Every idea begins with a tiny spark that, when nurtured, will grow into a flame. Many ideators will sit down with a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and begin sketching their thoughts and plans. These ideas eventually become a rendering they can use to create a masterpiece, whether a strategy, product or concept. It’s the same with writers sitting down to write the great American novel. Once you have it down on paper, how do you take the original concept and improve it? How do you preserve your... Continue Reading