Bluetooth World 2017 Opens Tomorrow

walking through convention center

Bluetooth World 2017 opens in less than 24 hours. There's still time to pre-register in advance to get free fast-track entry onsite, or you can register upon arrival.  With over 1500 Bluetooth developers, executives, start-ups and analysts already registered, this will be the biggest Bluetooth World yet!  It's free to attend the exhibition floor, so there really is no reason not to join us.  To make the most of your time, be sure to Download the Event Guide. Why attend Bluetooth World? Here’s a... Continue Reading

Blue is Local: Supporting Kirkland Startup Weekend

Last weekend, Bluetooth participated in the Kirkland Startup Weekend, an annual event that encourages innovators to collaborate on new ideas. Each year, Kirkland Startup Weekend gives individuals the opportunity to pitch their startup ideas, form teams around top proposals, and then scramble to establish a business model, code, design, and support their concept with market validation. In just 54-hours, this wild event sparks grand ideas for the Internet of Things. Kicking off on Friday, the SIG’s... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Supports Rapid IoT Growth in China

With $14.4 trillion projected industry growth over the next decade and $1.7 trillion in the next five years there’s a lot of money to be made in the IoT! ABI Research also predicts there will be 14 billion Bluetooth devices by 2020 and China is helping it get there. With nearly all phones and tablets containing Bluetooth, consumers and enterprises have a ready user interface to the IoT. China Poised for Growth In the rapidly growing Chinese market, the IoT is poised to explode. I recently traveled... Continue Reading

Knock, Knock…Who’s There? Your Key to a Safer Property

Ever been in a situation where a family member or your roommate calls in a panic because they forgot a house key and the only solution is to leave a key under the mat?We’re sure this or something similar has happened to all of us. This is definitely risky as it can potentially lead to an intruder entering the house and stealing your stuff. Swissprime Makes a Smart Home Safer So what’s the solution? Swissprime Technologies, one of the companies at our Discover Blue: London event, demoed an interesting... Continue Reading

Smart Lighting Hits the Road at Discover Blue


What comes to mind when you think of smart lighting? A commercial building? A home? Probably not bike lights, but that’s exactly what See.Sense wanted to create. Its mission: to enhance the safety, performance and enjoyment of cycling by bringing technology to the cutting edge of cycling design.Co-founder and CEO, Philip McAleese, used his skills in electronic and software design create a bicycle light that used sensor technology to improve his visibility to cars. He brought a set of these intelligent... Continue Reading

Bluetooth, Beacons, and Mesh...Oh, My!


The use of mesh and beacon technology to improve customer experience is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of retail, but did you know that these two technologies can actually be combined to create something new?Ubudu, a recent attendee at our Discover Blue: London event, is excited about the latest trend of "mesh beacons" and feels we are in the beginning stages of seeing what beacons can offer. The company created uBeacon Mesh, the world's first mesh beacon, which allows consumers and... Continue Reading

Pioneering Commercial Smart Lighting at Discover Blue

Pioneering Commercial Smart Lighting at Discover Blue

Advanced lighting control strategies in commercial buildings is still a burgeoning development. As important as lighting controls are for energy savings, most facilities have not been integrated with a control system.Silvair's Lighting SolutionSilvair, a Discover Blue: London attendee, is looking to change that. The company believes that technological innovation plays a major role in transforming energy use in commercial spaces. Silvair created an end-to-end smart platform based on Bluetooth technology. Continue Reading

Tracking Canine Fitness with Bluetooth


Are you wondering how many calories your dog burns from all the hours in the park? We are! And with 54% of dogs in the US either obese or overweight, according to Pet Obesity Prevention, now is the time to be monitoring and influencing canine fitness. That’s where PitPatPet come in. We met them at our Discover Blue: London event, and this video is the third in a series highlighting some of the companies that are innovating using Bluetooth technology.PitPatPet Tracks Your Dog's FitnessPitPat is essentially... Continue Reading

Turning the World Blue: 2017 Conference Dates Announced


Bluetooth technology is transforming how we interact with technology and the world at large. Creators, developers, and designers are using Bluetooth to turn their dreams - and the dreams of consumers, as well as commercial and industrial enterprises - into a reality. We’re excited to announce that these innovators will come together 28-29 March 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center for Bluetooth World 2017 to turn the world blue.New Features of Bluetooth WorldWe’re switching things up a bit... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Communicator Beams up Star Trek Fans at Discover Blue

Bluetooth Communicator Beams up Star Trek Fans at Discover Blue

We recently hosted our annual UK media and analyst event, Discover Blue: London. Several innovative companies which are creating amazing products using Bluetooth technology joined us. We had a chance to walk around and do some interviews to learn more about how they are creating with Bluetooth and to get a deeper look at their solution. The first in this series, The Wand Company, used Bluetooth to create a fully-working Star Trek™ Communicator. This is a geeks’ dream come true. All the technology... Continue Reading