A New Way to Navigate

Bluetooth beacons provide wayfinding services to travelers in airports

Your smartphone makes it easy to locate any restaurant in the heart of downtown, but it’s not much help getting you through a crowded airport. That is unless you’re travelling through London’s Gatwick Airport. Spot the Dot Recently, Gatwick Airport installed around 2,000 beacons in two terminals, creating an indoor navigation system more reliable than traditional GPS. This beacon-based positioning system, built on Bluetooth technology, is the world’s first for an airport. The system uses Pointr... Continue Reading

ABI Research Forecasts a Bright Bluetooth Future

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It’s been a pivotal year for Bluetooth technology, and a recent report published by ABI Research indicates that Bluetooth will continue to catalyze the IoT for years to come. ABI forecasts that Bluetooth devices will break 5 billionshipments by 2021 as new opportunities, use cases, and device types open up to meet developer and consumer demands. “While smartphones and audio accessories remain Bluetooth’s largest markets, the technology is becoming more attractive to low-power IoT applications,” Continue Reading

Internet of Things Aims to Smarten Your Life

Internet of Things Aims to Smarten Your Life

The Bluetooth SIG held its annual New York City media event last week and it was flat out awesome—20 member companies showed off their latest Bluetooth innovations to the New York media. The Associated Press—the world's oldest and largest news organization—ran a cool story highlighting how more and more Bluetooth Smart enabled devices are reaching consumers and how developers are connecting them together as part of the Internet of Things.You can also see what the Bluetooth SIG members said about... Continue Reading

Toshiba Introduces Bluetooth Beacon Signs


Toshiba recently introduced signs that use Bluetooth Smart technology to create customize the consumer shopping experience. Bluetooth beacons send out a signal and when the smartphone comes into range, the sign becomes an “adaptive storefront.” I love when technology from movies starts to manifest in reality. Remember the scene from Minority Report? The one where John Anderton is using the gesture-based user interface to for predictive crime fighting. The Toshiba sign is slightly along those lines. Continue Reading

Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards—Prototypes Finalists


Congratulations to this year’s Prototype finalists. We are excited to see these prototypes come to market.Skulpt Aim (Skulpt)—Aim™ is an innovative device for measuring body composition and analyzing individual muscles. The device takes quick, non-invasive muscle measurements simply by pressing the wireless device against the major muscle. The device takes thousands of data points so you can see the slightest improvements to the muscle. Any measurements taken will automatically sync, via Bluetooth... Continue Reading

A Hard Bluetooth Pill to Swallow


Tracking patient medication is a tough thing to do. We’ve seen the movie with the mental patient hiding his medication in his cheek. Proteus Digital Health developed a bill that texts an alert when it reaches the stomach. The pharmacist adds the pills to a specially prepared tray housing all the patient’s medication. When the patient downs the sensor, caregivers assume the patient took all the medication.Once the sensor reaches the stomach it powers up using electrolytes. It transmits a signal via... Continue Reading

The Future of Wearable Bluetooth Technology - Part Three

The Future of Wearable Bluetooth Technology - Part Three

By combining a developer’s imagination with Bluetooth Smart technology, the future of wearable Bluetooth technology is virtually unlimited. Bluetooth Smart creates a playground for companies willing to experiment with creative wearable solutions. Bluetooth technology is energy efficient, low in cost, offers high security and easy to work with, and it takes into account sustainability concerns for reducing the carbon footprint.Wearable FashionWe’ve seen some pretty impressive concepts for seamlessly... Continue Reading

Monitor Your Mouth with a Bluetooth Tooth


When we say Bluetooth technology is everywhere, we mean it. Researchers at National Taiwan University developed a Bluetooth enabled tooth. Yep, a tooth. The researchers are hoping the tooth will help people better understand potentially harmful habits and health problems. It fits as an artificial tooth and includes an accelerometer monitoring movement and transmitting data via Bluetooth technology to a smartphone.A study of eight subjects had a sensor installed and were monitored while coughing, Continue Reading

Mother's Day Bluetooth Technology Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away and the rush is on to get her a gift to show how much you love and appreciate all she does for you—no pressure or anything. Make this a Mother’s Day she won’t forget with some cool Bluetooth enabled products. Here are some interesting ideas depending on your type of mom.Mom likes things for the house: Bluetooth Scale by ReFleX Wireless nutritional scale by ReFleX—this Bluetooth enabled kitchen scale allows users to track calorie intake through the ReFleX NutriPlus... Continue Reading

Driving into the future with Bluetooth technology


We hear about a lot of new Bluetooth products here at the Bluetooth SIG. Every once in a while a new one comes along that stands out as totally unique. Such is the case with Pioneer’s Cyber Navi glasses, which the company claims is the world’s first heads-up display system for drivers.The Cyber Navi “windscreen” is about the size of a rear-view mirror. It mounts on the inside of a car’s windshield, where a driver can peer through it to see an overlay of color maps and navigation information on top... Continue Reading