Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Rohan Suri


In 2014 the world experienced the most widespread epidemic of the Ebola virus in history, devastating West Africa and resulting in significant loss of life across the region. Contact tracing is an essential method of preventing the spread of the disease, but its effectiveness can be limited as it requires detailed community surveillance to diagnose cases of Ebola, find everyone who been in close contact with the case, and track all contacts for 21 days. As the WHO Assistant Director-General for... Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Maya Varma

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Maya Varma

Maya Varma became fascinated with microcontrollers at a young age, and moved quickly on a technological trajectory that would eventually make her a Bluetooth Breakthrough Award student finalist.As early as the sixth grade, Maya started working with Arduino boards. A year later, she designed a traffic alert system to prevent accidents due to distracted driving. Then, in the eighth grade, she developed a cost-effective foot neuropathy analyzer to enable early detection of neuropathy in diabetic patients. Continue Reading

Bluetooth Provides Advanced Warning for IBS Sufferers


It may sound like a joke, but for people who suffer from incontinence or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)—or care for those who do—getting to a toilet in time is no laughing matter. For those individuals, a new wearable device with Bluetooth Smart technology may be a life changer.The D Free is a matchbook-sized device that adheres to a person’s abdomen so that its sensors can detect intestinal movement or swelling before the individual may be aware of it. Using low-power, reliable Bluetooth Smart... Continue Reading

Smart Cane with Bluetooth Communication Helps Blind Users Recognize Family and Friends


The addition of facial recognition, GPS, and Bluetooth Smart technologies to the traditional white cane may make a big difference in the lives of the seeing-impaired. Students at Birmingham City University have developed the XploR model of smart mobility cane that aids navigation using GPS and can recognize familiar faces from up to 10 meters away using smartphone technology for facial recognition. The cane vibrates when it detects a recognizable image from those stored on an internal SD memory... Continue Reading

Sometimes a Pill a Day Keeps the Doctor Away—and Bluetooth Can Help


For many people, daily medication is a critical part of maintaining their quality of life. But life can also get in the way. People get busy, they forget to take their pills… and then they don’t feel so great. But the Bluetooth technology-enabled Liif pillbox from Tricella can help keep track of medication compliance for you and your loved ones.The Liif pillbox adds new functionality to the iOS 8 Health app. The device itself looks like a standard pillbox, with options available for required dosages... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology May Aid Medical Workers in Ebola Zones


Last year’s Ebola outbreak left an unprecedented number of healthcare workers infected. According to the World Health Organization, the virus killed nearly 500 medical professionals in West Africa. Add to that the first-ever Ebola diagnosis and death in the U.S., which then infected two nurses, and the medical community was left scrambling to solve the dilemma: How do they continue to care for patients while ensuring their staff is safe?One answer may be a Bluetooth enabled wearable sensor, similar... Continue Reading

The New Braille? Bluetooth Technology Promises Independence for the Visually Impaired


These days, it’s easy to get so accustomed to technology that we wonder what we did before it was invented. Many of us feel this way about turn-by-turn navigation systems—did we actually rely on paper maps? If Microsoft has its way, soon the sight-impaired community will also be able to reap the rewards of GPS and Bluetooth beacon technology—in a way specially customized for their needs.After spending two years discovering the needs of the visually impaired, Microsoft—in a unique partnership with... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology in Bionic Leg Brace Gives Mobility Patients Their Stride Back


After contracting polio as a child, John Simpson lost the use of his left leg, but that didn’t stop him from becoming an avid golfer. “It’s the only game you can play with able-bodied people on a level playing field,” he said in a Telegraph article. But the traditional locked-knee caliper brace that he had to wear to support his weight required manual adjustments to bend the knee, and put additional strain across his shoulders, back, and other leg. Now 63, Simpson has become the first person in... Continue Reading

Helping CAPD Students with Bluetooth Technology


Every day occupational therapists work with students who struggle in school. However, the classroom environment can be overwhelming for many.“My mom’s an occupational therapist and I’ve assisted her in the classroom over the years. Mom and I discussed how students with CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) have difficulty with concentrating over the background noise.”That small conversation was the impetus for Jody Vankeuren’s idea—and Bluetooth Breakthrough Award entry. Jody, 20, is working... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology Helping Type 1 Diabetics Control Insulin Levels


Growing up in a single-parent household with four siblings provided its own rewards and challenges. When Olivia Siller’s, 18, older sister, Katie, was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, the family’s entire life changed. Doctors placed Katie on an insulin pump and began a life of constantly pulling out the pump to control her insulin intake and check blood sugar levels. Olivia hopes her device would bring simplicity to diabetes. The app or product would alert specified people when glucose levels... Continue Reading