From Prototype to Global Standard—Celebrating 20 Years of Market Creation

The Bluetooth SIG kicked off the year with its 20th anniversary celebration, marking two decades of next-generation wireless innovation. Formed in 1998, the Bluetooth SIG started with a handful of companies focused on wire replacement for mobile voice and data. Today more than 33,000 member companies are part of an organization dedicated to perfecting and advancing a flexible, reliable, and secure wireless connection solution. “Since its inception, Bluetooth has continuously evolved, expanding the... Continue Reading

Why Apple and Samsung are Using Bluetooth 5

women using smartphone

It’s been less than a year since the adoption of the Bluetooth 5 core specification, and we’re already seeing widespread use in flagship devices from the world’s two most-recognized smartphone vendors. Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8+, and Galaxy Note 8, along with Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X, are leveraging Bluetooth 5 to deliver the best in wireless connectivity. “It’s faster, has longer range, and can transfer more information,” said Jon Mundy from Trusted Reviews. “Perhaps most excitingly, Continue Reading

Bluetooth Smart Ready product announcements piling up


The massive Bluetooth ecosystem continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with news of new Bluetooth products coming so fast this time of year that we sometimes have a hard time keeping up with them all. In just the past few weeks, a flood of innovative Bluetooth wireless speakers have been announced by JBL, Jabra, Logitech and other big names in the audio market.Last week Amazon created waves with its new line of Kindle Fire tablets that include Bluetooth technology for the first time. Earlier in... Continue Reading

Nokia shows off Bluetooth streaming in new Windows Phone 8 handsets


Microsoft and Nokia rolled out the first Windows Phone 8 handsets this week, highlighting the futuristic design and capabilities of Nokia’s new flagship smartphones.One of the features they showcased is how easy it is to stream music from the new phones to a new Bluetooth speaker from JBL and new Bluetooth headphones from Nokia.The new Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 phones use NFC to pair and Bluetooth for streaming audio. Nokia showed how someone can simply set their Lumia 920 or 820 on the new JBL PowerUp... Continue Reading

Nokia takes the initiative with NFC


Near Field Communication technology got a boost recently when Nokia announced its first phone with NFC, the Lumia 610 NFC. This new Windows smartphone will soon be available in Europe through mobile operator Orange.Seeing this gave me deja vu. Five years ago, in the days before smartphones, I demonstrated NFC running on a prototype Nokia phone with Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, sending a photo to a Parrot picture frame. Engadget wrote about my demo in this 2007 article, calling NFC "the coolest new feature."So... Continue Reading

Panasonic phone links cell phone to home phone


Panasonic has released a line of new cordless home phones that use Bluetooth technology to link your cell phone to your home phone.The phone system comes with up to five handsets you can place in different locations around your home, all linked to the same mobile phone. Panasonic says the phones are designed for people who like using their cell phone at home but don't like carrying it around.The Panasonic "Link-to-Cell" systemuses Bluetooth technology to let you make or receive cell phone calls... Continue Reading

Bluetooth glove for touch sign language


A new high-tech glove under development in Germany will use Bluetooth technology to help people who are both deaf and blind communicate via email and text messages using a touch-based sign language called Lorm.The Mobile Lorm Glove assigns characters to different areas of the hand, translating the Lorm alphabet into digital text, using pressure points. A Bluetooth module sends data wirelessly from the glove to the user’s phone, where it can be sent to someone as a text message.When the glove wearer... Continue Reading

Apple helping lead the industry to Bluetooth v4.0


Apple’s hotly anticipated new iPhone 4S is significant for many reasons, but one reason in particular stands out for me—it’s the first phone to include Bluetooth v4.0 technology. Apple is a technology leader, and they’re certainly leading with this announcement of the newest iPhone.A year from now, I expect it will be hard to find a new smartphone that doesn’t include Bluetooth v4.0. We’ll look back and remember Apple as one of the pioneers that led the charge to this new technology.By including... Continue Reading

Worried about holding your cell phone? Use a Bluetooth headset


Technology does a lot to make our lives better. But at the breakneck speed that technology advances, it’s sometimes hard to verify if the benefits outweigh the possible negative side effects of at least some technology. A good example is today’s news from the World Health Organization that it now considers cell phone use potentially more harmful to people than the organization once thought.Last year, the WHO released a statement that said essentially it believed there is a link between cell phones... Continue Reading

Pushing Deeper into the Mobile Phone Market


A few days ago I kicked off the new year by writing about how the Bluetooth SIG plans to focus on several key markets in 2011 where we see great potential for new uses of Bluetooth technology. In addition to the health and fitness market, which I wrote about last time, we plan to make a renewed push into the mobile phone market.The phone market is almost the opposite of health and fitness, since Bluetooth technology is already in virtually every mobile phone made today. By contrast, we’ve only just... Continue Reading