Bluetooth Pairing Part 4: LE Secure Connetions - Numeric Comparison

Part 3, we had an overview about LE Legacy pairing with passkey. Other than LE Legacy pairing, LE Secure Connections is the other option for pairing. LE Secure Connections is an enhanced security feature introduced in Bluetooth v4.2. It uses a Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant algorithm called Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman (ECDH) for key generation. For LE Secure Connections, it support four association models: Just Works Numeric Comparison (Only for LE Secure Connections) Continue Reading

Bluetooth Security 101

Bluetooth Security 101

Over three billion Bluetooth products will ship this year, with nearly five billion projected to ship by 2019. That’s a lot of Bluetooth devices being used for a wide variety of applications – in cars, consumer electronics, personal computers, health and fitness products, wearables, smartphones, and more. It’s no wonder that privacy and security concerns are top of mind for consumers like you.By 2017, the average consumer will own five connected devices, so it’s understandable that consumers are... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology – Protecting Your Privacy


People are increasingly aware of, and concerned about, security—in particular, their privacy in both the physical and the digital world. The term “privacy” alludes to various types of issues, depending upon the context. One privacy issue concerns the possibility of being tracked “where you go” in the physical world without your awareness or consent. “Where you go” could mean the places you drive or the route you walk.There is a capability within Bluetooth Smart technology concerned with safeguarding... Continue Reading

Protect Your Computer with Bluetooth Technology


Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH, a German company and creative mind behind blukii and App 2.0, recently showed off its new NoteBook Protector ( The blukii NoteBook Protector is an alarm system for your laptop. Instead of hitting WIN + L when you walk away, you simply walk away and the laptop automatically locks. Now if someone tries to access it, not only does an alarm sound but you also get a text message and an email with a photo of the culprit. When you come back into proximity, Continue Reading

Safe & Sound at Work with Bluetooth Technology


Happy World Day for Safety and Health at Work. There are many different occupations out there but no matter what job you do, safety and health in the workplace are extremely important. Technological innovations play an important part to improving safety and well being at work.Bluetooth technology is one of the innovations improving workplace safety. Bluetooth technology reduces the amount of wires in the office—you don’t know how dangerous this can be until you trip over one—and allows you to take... Continue Reading

SecuRemote protects your home with Bluetooth

No more touchy garage door openers, copying keys or memorizing security codes. Bluetooth technology and SecuRemote can open garage doors and soon outdoor-gates and turn on lights. No RF line-of-sight-required.Thanks to Bluetooth technology, homeowners can conveniently consolidate home security efforts to a smartphone app, SecuRemote products & cloud-based software. Easily adjust other users permissions, grant or pre-schedule access, and receive notifications of device & user activity.Plus, software... Continue Reading

Bluetooth technology applications in new and interesting sectors


Goji Smart LockUsing Bluetooth technology in locks for security is an application that has been around for a while, but it seems to be on the rise in new and interesting sectors. In Scandinavia, Bluetooth technology has become a popular way to increase security and convenience in the home health care sector. By using Bluetooth enabled locks, the caregiver can simply enter their passcode on their phone when making a home visit to a patient. The code is transmitted wirelessly to the lock via Bluetooth... Continue Reading