The Original Wearable Gets a Bluetooth Makeover

Innovation is one of the most exciting things about wireless technology, and it can come from anywhere. At CES this year, we had the opportunity to see cutting-edge applications and creative thinking from both startups and time-honored brands. Wearables are all the rage right now, offered by dozens or hundreds of different brands, but don’t think the creators of one of the original kinds of wearables aren’t in on the game: Timex is innovating right alongside the rest. For people who like the idea... Continue Reading

Meet the Bluetooth Pioneer: Ashton Cofer

When a family friend fell asleep at the wheel and narrowly escaped a collision with a truck, 14-year-old Ashton Cofer was inspired to try to prevent drowsy driving. His inspiration led to the development of Arrive Awake – Arrive Alive, a finalist in this year’s Student Category for the Imagine Blue program. Initial research informed Ashton that, while drowsy driving causes hundreds of thousands of accidents every year, there aren’t any good solutions for it. “Existing solutions are ineffective because... Continue Reading

Apple Makes Big Bet on Bluetooth Technology


Phil Schiller: “This is the vision of the future of the notebook: one of extreme portability. Everything is wireless.”From its keynote yesterday, Apple introduced the new MacBook, shared more details on Apple Watch, and discussed a new platform, ResearchKit. All of these announcements shared a common thread – Bluetooth wireless technology.For ResearchKit, Bluetooth plays the essential role of connecting the iPhone, the hub device for data collection and reporting, to thousands of medical peripheral... Continue Reading

Garmin hiking watch adds Bluetooth technology


Garmin has created a lot of GPS watches over the years for running, cycling, swimming and even golf. Now it’s released a new GPS watch with navigation and tracking features to help hikers find their way through the wilderness.The Garmin fenix adds Bluetooth technology to let hikers wirelessly share tracks, waypoints, routes and geocaches with their smartphone. TheBluetooth Smart watch includes a new Garmin BaseCamp app for Windows or Mac that lets you view maps, plan routes, and mark waypoints and... Continue Reading

Kickstarter is a hotspot for Bluetooth devices


The Kickstarter “crowd funding” site is quickly becoming one of the most popular places for startups to launch innovative new Bluetooth devices. The best known Kickstarter example is the Pebble smartwatch, which started off with a funding goal of $100,000 and wound up collecting more than $10 million, along with a lot of valuable publicity.The Pebble is designed to connect to both the iPhone and Android smartphones, displaying messages, alerts and other information from the phone. Its funding rose... Continue Reading

Sony SmartWatch hits the market


Sony jumped into the emerging smart watch market at CES in January with a new device named simply the Sony SmartWatch. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the Sony Xperia line of Android smartphones. Sony says it is also compatible with smartphones from other manufacturers running Android v2.1 or above.The Sony SmartWatch is getting a lot of attention in reviews, including this one in The New York Times and this review on CNET.The SmartWatch is now shipping worldwide, and sells for $150 in... Continue Reading

New Cookoo smartwatch uses Bluetooth 4.0


The cookoo smartwatch is designed to connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth. But unlike other recent smartwatches from Sony, Pebble and others, it has a unique user interface with small icons around its watch face.The six different icons show when your phone is connected, you have an alarm or reminder, you receive a text message or chat request, and more.The cookoo is a "crowd funded" Kickstarter project.It is designed to eliminate the need to whip out your phone every few minutes to check for... Continue Reading

Pebble smartwatch connects to smartphones


The Pebble e-paper watch for Android and iPhone is catching a lot of people’s attention not just for its innovative design and advanced features, but for its ability to raise money from the public. The unreleased device raised more than $5 million in less than two weeks on Kickstarter, the fundraising site where entrepreneurs pitch new products and projects.The jury is still out on how many people want to check their phone on a small watch display, but the Pebble shows there is clearly a lot of... Continue Reading

WIMM One smart watch


The WIMM One is different from other Bluetooth smart watches in that it's designed to be a platform for developers to use to build "micro apps" that run on this tiny, cube-shaped Android device.WIMM Labs is currently selling the WIMM One only as a $199 developer preview kit that includes the device and tools for developing Android micro apps and custom watch faces. "What really sets the WIMM One apart," writes Engadget, "is that it puts the Android platform on your wrist, meaning it's capable of... Continue Reading

InPulse Smartwatch


The InPulse Smartwatch is one of the first Bluetooth smart watches to be released and available for purchase. (Sony, Casio and some other companies have announced Bluetooth smart watches but not released them yet.)The inPulse connects via Bluetooth to your phone to send email notifications, text messages, caller ID info, and calendar alerts to your wrist watch. It works with Blackberry and some Android phones. Continue Reading