Smart Lighting Hits the Road at Discover Blue


What comes to mind when you think of smart lighting? A commercial building? A home? Probably not bike lights, but that’s exactly what See.Sense wanted to create. Its mission: to enhance the safety, performance and enjoyment of cycling by bringing technology to the cutting edge of cycling design.Co-founder and CEO, Philip McAleese, used his skills in electronic and software design create a bicycle light that used sensor technology to improve his visibility to cars. He brought a set of these intelligent... Continue Reading

Part 2 - The Wheels on the Bike are Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart


In part 1, I explored the Bluetooth Smart technology available to cyclists to help them improve their performance. In this article I will examine Bluetooth cycling technology from a developer’s perspective.Adopted ProfilesThe key adopted profiles related to cycling are the Heart Rate Profile, the Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile and the Cycling Power Profile.The Heart Rate Profile uses notifications to transmit heart rate measurements to a connected GATT client. There’s more in these notifications... Continue Reading

The Wheels on the Bike are Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart


Britain is officially a nation of cyclists. The popularity of cycling has been increasing steadily over the last couple of decades and more recently fuelled by the wins of Britain’s cyclists in the 2012 Olympic Games in London and Tour de France, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, respectively. Apparently in our imaginations many of us see ourselves as the next Chris Froome or Laura Trott! Or maybe that’s just me. I’ll leave it to you to decide which I aspire to be most like.Sadly, however, (speaking... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Smart Technology Trains Your Muscles


Here’s a new take on wearables. SmartMio isn’t simply worn but adheres to your body. It uses short electrical pulses to give your muscles a workout no matter where you are. The SmartMio is designed to help athletes focus on strengthening certain areas of the body by warming up the muscles before—and helping them recover after—working out. Users wear it under clothes at work, while commuting, or wherever they want. Using Bluetooth Smart technology, SmartMio connects to the accompanying application... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Technology Gives Cyclists Eyes In the Back of Their Head

Bluetooth Technology Gives Cyclists Eyes In the Back of Their Head

Inspiration comes from many places, and in Bluetooth Breakthrough Award student-finalist Savannah Cofer’s instance, it came from her little brother. When most teenagers are bothered by their younger siblings, Savannah loved spending time with hers, especially riding their bicycles to school every morning. But a traumatic eye injury left the 6 year old with double and rotated vision, a bruised retina and the loss of his peripheral vision. Bicycling was now out of the question.As Savannah investigated... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards—Application Finalists


Track Team Performance with Bluetooth SmartPolar Team app (Polar Electro Oy)—Polar Team is a unique solution for tracking performance, intensity and heart rate for an entire team. Using Bluetooth Smart technology, the transmission range of the sensors covers a large arena to track data and send it to the user-friendly iPad app. Visit the website Phone and Car Become One with Bluetooth SmartAutomatic (Automatic Labs)—this app connects your car's on-board computer and iPhone through a small hardware... Continue Reading

2014 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards—Products Finalists


Having a Ball with Bluetooth Smart Technology 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball (InfoMotion Sports Technologies)—The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is a Bluetooth Smart fitness product that measures and diagnoses both the frequency and quality of key skills critical to building confidence, versatility, and success on the basketball court. Read the blog Bluetooth Smart Technology Takes Your PulseNonin Model 3230 Bluetooth Smart Finger Pulse Oximeter (Nonin Medical Inc.)—The Nonin Model 3230 is the... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Smart Appcessory for Indoor Fitness


Pafers recently introduced the XSPIN for indoor fitness equipment. The XSPIN is easily installed to nearly any kind of indoor bike or elliptical by strapping it on. When a user starts pedaling the machine, the XSPIN starts gathering and calculating speed data and transmits it to compatible apps via Bluetooth Smart technology.Like Pafer’s other machines, there is an app integrated with Google Maps so users can bike or run around the world from the privacy of home. Another exciting app available for... Continue Reading

It’s 15-Love for New Bluetooth Tennis Racquet


Babolat introduced the world’s first Bluetooth enabled tennis racquet, the Babolat Play Pure Drive. Like any other sport, it’s important to be able to gather athlete information to improve performance. The Babolat Play collects data like shot power, ball impact location, number of strokes (forehand, backhand, serve and smash), spin level, total and effective play time, endurance, technique, consistency, energy and rallies. After collecting all the data, the Bluetooth Smart connection sends the information... Continue Reading

Bluetooth Socks Make for Happy Running Feet


We’ve seen a lot of fitness devices this year that track all your important training vital statistics. The Sensoria Socks by Heapsylon take it one-step further and may actually help you avoid injury. According to the company, exercising with the socks helps you learn more about your body by alerting you if you are running incorrectly so you can make adjustments to avoid injury.The sensor sock and anklet work together to gather information that is uploaded via Bluetooth technology to a computer or... Continue Reading